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The Organic Company Skin Care Display

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We’ve had a busy week at AB Print – set with the challenge of producing a beautiful, bespoke display for a new skin care product by The Organic Company. The ‘Rose Diamond Skin Exfoliator’ is a silky, hydrating cleansing balm, made from 100% organic ingredients to achieve a glowing, youthful look.

The product has become extremely popular amongst spas and consumers – selling out on their website already. Our project allowed us to get involved with this wonderful product and company as we were approached by The Organic Company to design and construct a display stand.

We were keen to get involved in such a fun project and work with an industry where aesthetics are key for standing out amongst competitors. The Organic Company

The stand was to be made from mirrored acrylic with Cad-cut vinyl lettering, for an elegant appearance. We were excited to take on the project as it allowed us to use our Acuity F large format printer – one that is unique to other printers on the market – using CMYK and white acrylic. The Acuity F printer allows us to produce amazing, quality designs.

The stand is to be used in retailers and spas throughout the UK to highlight the new product in all its glory. Featuring diamond powder, the Rose Diamond product is desirable by women all over the country. It encourages a new perspective on skin care products, featuring all-natural ingredients, all produced in London.

The mirrored stand enhances the distinguished aura of the product, as well as the quality. With a stunning rosy pink background, to match the product packaging. The black lettering, though simple, provides a brief message: “Instantly reveal cleaner, brighter, more luminous skin.”The organic company

AB Print are always keen to take on new challenges, as we truly love what we do. If you’d like more information on how we can assist you with the promotion of your product, give us a call today on 01924 473481 or visit our contact page.



AB Print work with Juno Telecoms

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Our specialised services have been put to effective use once again in a recent project we carried out for communication service provider, Juno Telecoms. They support businesses across a variety of sectors in communication services using multiple electronic platforms; supplying businesses with the latest phone technology, to helping SME’s adapt to digital advancements and converge to new platforms necessary to run a business.

juno telecoms 2

This time, it was AB Print’s turn to help them with the planning, design and manufacture of two highly versatile 3×2 Twist Exhibition stands. The panels comprising the stands consisted of:

  • Two 900mm x 2000mm Panels including a Media panel which had a TV bracket installed allowing Juno to display promotional digital material.
  • Five 1000mm x 2000mm Panels
  • Four 550mm x 2000mm Flex Panels which offered flexibility to the stand allowing it to be twisted around a corner. This is ideal for conferences and exhibitions where space could be limited but you want your display to generate maximum possible attention.
  • One Case Wrap that acted as a stand for brochures and leaflets. 

juno telecoms

An added benefit of the panels is that they can be mixed and matched to provide a highly professional look for any exhibition space. Using our Acuity F printer, 4 colours were printed onto anti-scruff polypropylene when applied to the panels, as this offers more durability.

We are proud to have completed this to such a high standard, as it shows testament to our resourcefulness and commitment to quality. This project is a notable example showing the range of services a trusted provider such as AB Print can offer. Our exhibition manufacturing services can be beneficial to your company or business if you have a conference or convention coming up. Not only that, we can carry out a variety of visual displays for windows, desktops and billboards. For more information, feel free to call us on 01924 473481.…

The resurgence of Direct Mail

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Known as a more traditional method of communicating, direct mail is now making a comeback. Following a period of decline between 2015 and 2016, latest data shows direct mail ad spend increased in 2017.

According to IPA TouchPoints, data also shows that direct mail is a well-received marketing tool, highlighting why it is the third largest media channel in the UK.

As well as having more advanced printing methods, meaning direct mail appears more creative and engaging, the recent launch of JICMail (The Joint Industry Committee for Mail) could also help to encourage this drive in direct mail. This new initiative means that brands and agencies will be provided with more in-depth measurements and standardised audience data to help build a realistic understanding around the effectiveness of direct mail campaigns. 

direct mail

The DMA, IPA and Royal Mail are just a few of the many industry bodies and businesses who have teamed up to create the JICMail board. The data collected by the board will provide an insight into measures such as mail readership, exposure and reach through collecting information from a nationally representative sample about the journey their mail takes over a 4 week period once received through the letter box. This progress is extremely positive for the direct marketing industry, as the lack of awareness due to ineffective evaluation methods used in the past were perhaps what led to the decline in direct mail ad spend.

With consumers receiving numerous emails a day, direct mail provides a more memorable and tangible source of information which can easily be shared and seen by multiple people. With the new JICMail data, this will allow marketers to get more of an insight into consumer behaviour and how they value direct mail, allowing them to enhance and improve this highly regarded media channel.

At AB Print we offer a diverse range of printing services throughout Yorkshire, including litho printing, digital printing and screen printing, with quality being at the centre of everything we do. To find out more, please don’t hesitate to give us a call on 01924 473481 or visit our contact page.

Another Excellent Example of an AB Print Exhibition Display

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Our expertise in designing, manufacturing, and installing print designs of diverse types, textures and purposes continues to grow. We do more than simply print words or pictures onto paper; AB Print have the equipment and skill-set to complete the most demanding of projects.

A popular task we have had the pleasure of carrying out several times lately is the completion of specialised exhibition stands; the most recent being for high-class jewellery brand, Lux – a sub brand of Pugata.


The modular twist stand benefitted from high-quality finished display cabinets which were decorated with smooth vinyl stickers to help advertise the brand; both of which were supplied by us. In addition to this, using our Acuity F Printer we finished the back panels with a clean finish to further exemplify Lux’s elegant branding. 

LUX exhibition stand

This is yet another example that demonstrates our versatility as a leading litho, digital and screen printing provider in Yorkshire. All you have to do is visit our showcase page to get a glimpse of our professionalism. Should you want to speak to us in person, we are currently holding an open invitation for guests to visit our HQ and receive a guided tour by one of our experts. AB Print are based locally in Batley at 1 Grange Valley Road, WF17 6GH, so feel free to turn up or alternatively, give us a call on 01924 473481.

LUX exhibition stand

Recent Investments mean Higher Quality and Faster Turnaround

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As a forward-thinking company in a constantly developing world, AB Print are continually looking to invest in the best and latest technology, so we can deliver a quality, consistent and efficient service.

In 2016, global optical imaging manufacturer Canon won the award for Best cut sheet colour A3+ printer up to 200.000 A4/month at the European Digital Press Awards (EDP) for one of their digital products; the C10000VP ImagePRESS.

On the back of this, we saw fit to do our research. What we found was a digital colour press that offered high resolution print quality that equals (in the eyes of the EDP, betters) any comparable products from other manufacturers.

From our research, we’ve managed to come up with four fundamentals that will go far in getting better results for our clients and customers, as reasons to invest in the award-winning printer.

Customer Preference:

Some clients and customers prefer vibrancy and enthusiasm in the colouring of their designs. Others prefer more muted, monotone and quieter tones to portray a specific mood or feel. One of the benefits of this printer is that it can satisfy a variation of requirements.

Consistency and efficiency:

No printer would have won an award if the finishes that they produced were not fit for purpose. Investing in this would mean we can further enhance our promise to ensure quality printing and meet branding requirements first time.


The Canon C10000VP printer can print on a selection of varied materials. This makes it easier for us to cost effectively print items such as wedding invitations, and business cards on unique materials that offer a luxury look and feel for special occasions or to make them more memorable. 


Whilst we here at AB Print already own a long-sheet digital press, we saw it necessary to improve on our pre-existing technology. Our adaptation to innovation here, will go a long way to improving and adding to our project completion and meeting deadlines consistently.

However, this isn’t the only area where we have improved. The Kodak Nexpress has now been upgraded to make for easier processes. Previously, it was not possible to Spot UV Varnish onto digitally printed products across all manufacturers without applying a laminate solution. The laminate solution prevents the UltraViolet Varnish from reticulating. The Nexpress by Kodak has now eliminated this drawback with a HD ink upgrade.

With our diverse client base through a range of sectors such as retailers, small to medium sized businesses, independent brands, and offices, we saw these changes necessary to provide our clients with the opportunity to benefit from high quality printing services with a fast turnaround. If you would like to speak to a member of our team regarding how our printing practises can assist your needs, feel free to call us on 01924 473481.

In addition to this, if you would like to learn more about print, we are still holding an open invitation for anyone to come down and visit our site. Find out more here.…

Concept Love Bus

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It’s been a busy month for the team here at AB Print. Assisting clients with all their business endeavours is what we do best – and love too! After working with us for some time, our client, Concept Recruitment, had a new project they asked us to help with. The “Concept Love Bus” was pitched to our team of skilful designers and printers and we instantly jumped on their train of thought.

With an exhibition they were due to attend coming up, Concept Recruitment approached us with this exciting project as they wanted to create a unique stand to help their company stand out. Being the risk takers that we are, we were keen to take on a new challenge!

We created the campervan standee using 2000-micron display board. This was a large task which needed to be carried out on our large format, flatbed printer, using Acuity F to allow us to deliver outstanding image quality for our client.

The bus was to be printed in a range of colours – yellow and fuchsia pink being the main components – with a funky 60’s inspired design to suit the “love bus” theme. Their brand name was clearly displayed across the standee, so that passing exhibitors and observers could see exactly who was behind the innovative campervan display. 

Concept Love Bus

AB Print Group have been supplying areas in and around Yorkshire with amazing printing services for over 40 years. Our ability to offer a full range of litho, digital and screen printing services, means we can provide a genuine one-stop shop service. Offering bespoke designs and prints allows us to meet all your commercial requirements, no matter how big or small the project may be.

If you’d like our help with one of your upcoming projects, give us a call today on 01924 473481 or visit our contact page.


Giving Vegas a taste of Trinity

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Our passion for print is one of the many motifs that drives us here at AB Print, as we have been busy with projects around Wakefield offering our print services to some well-established names.

In one of our most recent ventures, we designed and manufactured some POS posters for Betfred Super League club, Wakefield Trinity.

The design was printed directly onto clear self-adhesive permanent vinyl. Following this, we used our Acuity F printer, which has a bed size of 3.05m x 2.5m, to back the print up with white ink.

Giving Vegas a taste of Trinity

The Vegas Bar situated at 15-17 Bull Ring, Wakefield, is set to televise matches from the upcoming 2018/19 Rugby League season, with a focus around Wakefield Trinity. Hopefully supporters will turn out in their numbers to get behind their local rugby club!

Wakefield trinity

We’re pleased to have completed this job for Wakefield Trinity and the Vegas Bar to a fantastic standard and look forward to future opportunities to work together. AB Print are happy to speak to anyone requiring specific or general printing information. We are able to carry out window clings and window stickers similar to the one we have shown here, as well as other services such as box packaging, or brochures, leaflets and flyers.

We would also like to remind you that we are accepting visits to our HQ and providing guided tours from our experts into the world of print. Find out more here.

You can contact us on 01924 473481 to discuss any enquiries, or alternatively drop us an email at…

Print is Present

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Whilst many people believe digital dominates, print is still very much in the present and the future. In fact, world leading car manufacturer, Volvo, have recently launched a huge printing campaign with their new 2018 brochures.

As a company who are at the forefront of new technology, this campaign proves that print media is still an effective and highly regarded marketing tool. These brochures, which will be sent to all existing clients will display their newest models, providing a more personal touch than digital alternatives.

Print is not only great for brand exposure, it is also a physical source of information which customers can read, keep and refer to as many times as they wish, immediately appearing more interesting and engaging.   

Here at AB Print, we work with many forward-thinking companies throughout Yorkshire to help create a variety of print media, including company brochures, with the aim of effectively communicating with customers. Not only this, print can be used to support digital marketing, for example by directing more traffic to websites. With our full in-house printing service, we can work together to create a tailored print solution that suits you and your customers.

As well as delivery high quality print, being forward thinking is something that is also engrained within our own values. Through using recycled paper and generating our own green energy, we are constantly evolving, taking print into the future.

To find out more, contact us on 01924 473481, or use our contact form. Alternatively, you can email us at

print media

An Open Invitation from AB Print

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Ever wanted to explore the inner workings of a printing company? Own a business and curious as to how we actually carry out your printing needs? Print based publications are still an essential component of maintaining a business and communicating with clients and customers.

Taking this into account, AB Print are happy to be offering an open invitation to anyone who is interested in visiting our site to learn more about the world of print. Not restricted to corporates or businesses, students and teachers from local schools and universities are encouraged to come along too, as it could be useful for courses such as Design Technology and Media Studies.

Over the next few months, visitors can simply turn up to receive a personal tour to get a vivid insight into what we do and how we do it at AB Print. In addition to this, guests will be able to meet our friendly team and ask any questions, which could be beneficial for those interested in a career in the print industry.

As the business continues to grow, we are also set to be extending our site soon where we will be installing additional print equipment which should only help us improve our services.

AB Print are a Yorkshire based printing company with headquarters in Batley. Our printing services expand across a wide range of areas from calendars, to billboards.  We look forward to your visit and are excited to show off our excellent technology and practices. For any more information regarding our open invitation tours, or to speak to one of our experts about our printing services, give us a call on 01924 473481 or email us at

AB Print take a step into Narnia

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Aslan stands tall in one of AB Prints most recent displays created for a birthday party. The theme takes inspiration from the classic novel by C.S. Lewis.AB Print take a step into Narnia

The above picture details our finished piece. Both Aslan and the wardrobe element of the display were made from 2000-micron display board, offering sturdiness. It was printed using our Acuity F printer, which allows us to take on flat bed projects such as this, in addition to being able to print on rigid and flexible materials.

Such display boards can be produced to be one sided or double sided, and the printable materials vary from foamboard, to cardboard.

Display boards are a creative alternative worth considering for themes or seasonal promotions, for example pumpkins or Christmas trees. We can also tailor them to individual and specific needs such as a birthday or other special occasion, similarly to what we have done here.

This is just one example indicating the versatility of our printing services here at AB Print, showing that we are not restricted to one style of printing solution.

If you were impressed by this personalised display and would like more information on the print solutions we can offer you, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us via our contact page. Alternatively, you can browse more of our specialist print services here.…