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Why business cards still matter

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In an era of a new digital word people assume business cards are becoming outdated. This could not be further from the truth; business cards are just as valuable as ever. Even in a time of emails and online meeting the business card is still vitally important.

Personal engagement
Swapping contact information online is becoming more prevalent, after all it is easier, simpler (and lazier) just one click is all it takes. But this has nowhere near the same effect as personally handing your contact information over. In business, first impressions are everything, business cards mean so much more than the information written on them, they are an engagement with future contacts. The impression of your eye contact, mannerisms and all round communication involved in this simple transaction of information will have much more long-lasting impact.

They are the most effective direct marketing tool
There is nothing that can be more direct than the personal association of handing your business card over to a future contact. Sealed with a handshake, the opportunity for networking is much more beneficial with business cards. The opportunity of making business cards can quickly and effectively be capitalised on and never missed with business cards. A swapping of business cards can take less than adding a contact in your phone and it means you can never miss a chance to be opportunistic. If you’re at a trade fair or business conference or even at a airport lounge you can use your business card as an icebreaker that could land you a future job.

Brand impression
whilst the act of handing over business card can give a first impression of your personally; how you look speak, e.t.c, it also gives an impression of your brand. You as a person in one good indication, but your brad is also key. The professionalism of a company can be represented in the simple aspect of a business card. A lot can be taken from a professional looking business card, your organisation, your attractiveness, your planning and preparation, and even the matching colours can signify much more than contact information.

Sharing means marketing
a creative business card can be passed around from contact to contact. If the card is impressive ten it is likely that it can be picked up by other industry professionals. Your card can continue to market for you without your knowledge. Business cards are often kept on desks or pinned on walls so if yours stands out it can have a lifespan far greater than your original target and open up many more doors for you in the future.

The benefits of business cards are endless. To make sure you have a professional looking card, use a professional printing company. AB printing offer a high-quality and competitively priced printing service. For more information about our business card printing give us a call on 01924 473481.…

Why is brand consistency so important?

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To be effective your brand needs to be consistent.  This means adopting the same name, logo and typefaces across all your branding forms as well as sticking to one colour or colour scheme.  At AB Print we are highly experienced in helping customers implement consistent branding across a range of materials including business cards, postages and exhibition signage.  Here are our top reasons for keeping consistency.

To be memorable

First and foremost, your brand needs to be consistent so that people remember who you are.  Make it easy for potential clients to remember you by ensuring that whenever they see your company’s branding it is the same.  If the branding is not consistent this can lead to confusion as customers may not really be sure who you are or if you are the company they were thinking of.

To be trusted

People are more likely to trust what they know.  Each time a customer sees your logo or reads your slogan, it will be logged in their memory.  Over time, the more this happens, the more they will connect to the brand and the more chance there is of them becoming a client.   It is important to continue reinforcing the brand to maintain this connection with them and for your company be perceived as trustworthy.

To increase revenue

Well-matched branding efforts can help create an identity that customers recognise, relate to and want to do business with.  Creating material that is co-ordinated sends out a strong message to clients that will stick in their minds and make your company easier for them to recall.

To find out more about how AB Print can help you with your branding needs or for a free quote, please give us a call on 01924 47381.

Ideas for your exhibition

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Whatever the kind of trade show or exhibition you are attending, it is vital that your stall makes a great first impression. Equally, with in-house displays and events it is important that these are immediately noticeable in order to create impact. Good planning and design is therefore key to ensure your company’s message stands out rather than gets lost in the crowd.

There are a number of things you can do to create an eye-catching display. These include making sure the message you are trying to put across is clear. Think about what the main idea you want to convey is and how this can be done using simple text and images. A short, key phrase is often more efficient than a long sentence and powerful graphics can be used to explain difficult concepts successfully too. Make sure that any text used is large enough to be seen at a distance and that your logo is included in the display to help reinforce your brand. It is also important to bear your target market in mind – who are you trying to attract to your stand and what is it about your display that would appeal to them?

Here at AB Print we understand how important it is to design effective exhibition material. Using our state of the art screen printing and large digital printing systems we can help you to create the perfect display items to help make your stall stand out. From leaflet dispensers to display boards to hanging panels and posters we are highly experienced in providing bespoke pieces that demand attention. Our team are happy to offer advice on the highly-competitive range of printing options available to you and are able to provide personalised quotes upon request.

To find out more about how we can help you create an attention-grabbing exhibition contact AB Print on 01924 473481.

Print mail vs email

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In this digital age, communicating via email has become the norm. Businesses regularly send direct mail to market their services which can at times be added to the bottom of a long list of unopened emails. However, print is also a very popular medium for creating marketing materials and holds many benefits over email, making it easy to see why this long-established marketing tool is more than capable of keeping up with the times.


One of the key benefits of print mail is that it is more personal, creating a sense of individuality. Whilst emails are commonly sent in bulk to several people at once, print gives the impression of a tailor-made piece of communication making it memorable and more likely to be read.


We can look at the delivery of mail in two senses; the physical delivery and the delivery of the message. Although email is cheap and easy to send, sometimes it does not end up reaching the recipient because it is blocked or caught in spam filters. Emails can also be deleted with one click of a button, making them easily disposable. However print mail gets delivered and, because we are bombarded with emails on a daily basis, print mail has a more powerful presence. This also means that print mail often gets passed around for others to see.


As mentioned above, print mail is often addressed to individuals, making it more personable. On top of this, if designed well, print mail looks more appealing and of a higher quality than email. These features insinuate that time and money have gone into the creation of the mail which creates a greater sense of authenticity and trust between the sender and receiver.


Another reason print mail has remained a popular marketing material is because it has adapted to the times. By associating print mail with the use of technology, such as incorporating mobile interactive material and QR codes, print mail has become interactive with the online world.

Therefore, even though email is a useful communication tool for businesses, emails are in abundance, which suggests that the benefits of print mail make it a more effective communicator.

At AB Print, we specialise in printed advertising and marketing products. We offer a diverse range of printing services including litho printing, digital printing, screen printing and print finishing all under one roof. If you are interested in finding out more about any of our services, please do not hesitate to contact us on 01924 473 481 or email us at


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At AB Print, we pride ourselves on good service and happy customers.

Here are some testimonials from some of our best customers:

hitechalarms-logo1“We have started to use AB Print as a result of the recommendation. They had no hesitation in visiting us to ensure they understood exactly what we needed, even though we advised them it would potentially be a small order.

The order was placed and delivered on time. We were pleased with the results and have since used RWR for our corporate folders and new logo.

In the few weeks we have been dealing with AB Print he has saved us over £90 against our current printing costs which is great news in this climate.”

– Hi-Tech Alarms

jmkay-electrical-logo-1“I would like to say a big thank you to AB Print for the prompt courteous services when supplying our new company letterheads. With the proofs sent by email, it took only a few days from us requesting them to delivery of the finished item.

They may only seem like just another letterhead, but to us they give that professional look and being in our company colours makes them stand out. I will of course be recommending your services to other trades and businesses in the future.”

– J. M. Kay

hgh-chartered“As a firm of Chartered Accountants who aim to provide an excellent quality service to its clients, it was pleasing to be on the receiving end of outstanding customer service.

We placed an order for six banners and provided you with the necessary artwork, as a result of our rebranding. Within a day, the artwork had been sent back to us for a proof and once we had agreed this the banners were printed and delivered within 24 hours.

Not only are we more than happy with the quality of the banners, but the speed and ease of service has been exemplary. We will have no hesitation in referring you to our clients and business contacts.”

– Hunter Gee Holroyd

Thank you for working with us. We look forward to working with you again!

If you are looking for business printing services, then please contact us on 01924 473481 for a quote.…

The difference between flyers and brochures

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Alongside business cards and branded stationary, flyers and brochures are one of the more popular choices for print marketing and advertising. Although, our team have found on a few cases that the difference between a flyer and a brochure can be occasionally unclear.

Our team at AB Print want to help you through every stage of your printed marketing, so we have come up with a more detailed explanation for the differences between flyers and brochures. With any luck, your Dewsbury or Batley business should know exactly which product will help contribute to your business.

What is a flyer?

A flyer is usually a single or folded sheet of print, used to draw the attention to an event, service, product or idea. Flyers, sometimes known as leaflets, are more commonly simple and straight to the point with the message they want to convey, to ensure the reader understands as quickly as possible.

The most common flyer size is 8.5 inches by 11 inches, to keep the cost low, however they can be printed on any size which is considered easy to handle. Printing is commonly done on one side of the flyer, but can work well with both sides printed too.

Flyers are usually handed out by people at events, or posted as mail. They usually have a shorter life span, often used for one-time events or special promotions, and in turn is often printed on more lightweight and less durable paper.

What is a brochure?

Brochures can follow a similar spec to flyers, however are almost always printed on both sides. A Brochure contains folds which can create multiple panels or pages of information, or can be created with a combination of sheets bound together.

Smaller brochures tend to be referred to as pamphlets, but can come in a range of sizes and shapes, custom to requests and content. Brochures are more often created with the intention to be durable and long-lasting, which means they tend to be printed on thicker paper. This enhances the quality of the product too, with the option for a UV coating.

Brochures tend to less distributed than flyers, often used for businesses who target other businesses than consumers, as brochures tend to be more costly than flyers, and often contain a lot more information about the business, service, or product.

AB Print hopes this explanation can help you make a more informed decision for which product you feel will best suit your business. Flyers and brochures have many benefits when used on their own, or even together, and each product can work well for each Dewsbury or Batley company differently.

At AB Print, we specialise in printed advertising and marketing products, so if you are looking for luxury business cards, high quality brochures, or functional branded stationary for your business in Batley, Dewsbury or Wakefield, then we can help. You can contact us on 01924 473 481 if you have any questions, or you can see our wide range of in-house services on our website.

5 reasons print marketing can benefit your Yorkshire business

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Digital marketing has taken businesses by storm in recent years, however old school marketing techniques are still as prominent as ever. Printed marketing has worked for businesses throughout the centuries, and has always been a main form of advertising and referring, no matter the business. At AB Print, we have experience with companies in every sector, so we understand exactly how print marketing can work for your business, even in this digital age.

  1. Personal

While it feels much easier and simpler for businesses and employees to attempt to reach new cliental through emails and online events, it can seem quite impersonal, and doesn’t always show off the business in the best way. With printed marketing, you are more likely to gain a connection with potential clients, through high quality business cards and interactive brochures. Potential clients are much more likely to work with a company who is enthusiastic, and with printed marketing you have the opportunity to really show what you company has to offer.

  1. Attention

Online marketing techniques are important to direct people to your website, however this does not guarantee that you will be remembered enough to carry over more business. With printed advertising techniques, such as banners and posters, you have the opportunity to be creative and to stand out, making your brand more memorable for those who can see it.

  1. Work with technology

Print marketing has proven to work for any business, but sometimes to get the most out of your printed material, you need to get more out of it. Print can now be adapted to work alongside technology, changing your printed marketing pieces to gateways to the online world. QR codes and mobile interactive material has helped bring printed pieces to life in a world dominated by handheld technology.

  1. Good impression

High quality business cards, flyers and brochures often leave a good impression for potential clients during the initial meetings. With the right kind of printed work, your company can appear professional and well prepared. It is not unusual that high quality business cards have been known to help drive more results for both new and established businesses.

  1. Certainty

One benefit of using print marketing for initial meetings and continued contact, is that you know your potential or established clients will be able to see and read what you hand to them. Emails and digital marketing has a level of uncertainty that print marketing does not share. You know your client has seen the information you have given them, which in turn will give your more understanding on how to reach your clients better in the future.
It is important to consider how print marketing can benefit your company, and at AB Print, we have the expertise and experience to help you make the best decisions moving forward with your printing needs. Whether your Halifax business is looking for high quality business cards, your company in Batley is considering some new banners, or your office in Dewsbury is wondering about which kind of finishing process is right for your brochures, our team at AB Print can help.

If you have any questions about what we can offer your business, please contact us on 01924 473481.…

Merry Christmas from AB Print!

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christmas-1912548__340The whole team at AB Print would like to wish all of our customers a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

AB Print Group offers litho printing, digital printing, screen printing, print finishing services and more. If your Dewsbury, Batley or Morley business would like some new branded calendars, business cards or brochures to head into the new year, then do not hesitate to get in contact.

You should be able to reach between Christmas and New Year, however we will be back in full force come January 3rdFor more information about our holiday opening times, or any of the services we can provide, then call us on 01924 473481.

Printing Jargon Buster

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For new and growing businesses in Huddersfield, Leeds, or Wakefield, printed services such as business cards, flyers and brochures can be extremely beneficial.

At AB Print, we offer all of these services and more for businesses in West Yorkshire, but we understand that sometimes the jargon that comes with printing services can be a little complex. We can help explain some of the jargon you may come across when you look into which printing services are right for your business.

1.       What is bleed?

One of the most common questions we get asked before we begin any printing processes is “what is bleed?”. For products such as brochures, booklets and business cards, it is important to know what a bleed is, and how to do a correct one. Bleed is the ink that prints beyond the edge of the page, to ensure it extends to the edge of the page after trimming. A 3mm bleed is the most common length of a bleed to ensure the ink reaches the edge of the page, without leaving a blank paper mark on the edge of your printed products.

2.       What is DPI?

DPI stands for Dots per Inch. All coloured printing uses this method, and determines the resolution of your printed products images. The higher the DPI count, the higher the quality of the image, and the less chance of the physical image will be blurry.

3.       What is embossing?

By definition, embossing is to mark or decorate a surface with a raised design or symbol. Embossing works well for printed products such as business cards, to add to the design or image your company may want to portray with their printed pieces.

4.       What is Paper GSM

Grams per Square Metre (GSM) is the measurement used when weighing paper sheet sizes. While any weight of paper can be used for printing, for professional prints and higher quality products, there is generally an unwritten rule printing company’s follow to ensure the finished product is fit for purpose. Ideally for your printed pieces you want the GSM to be between 170 GSM and 400 GSM, depending on the product.

5.       What is UV Varnish?

UV varnish is used as a finishing technique in printing. As a similar concept to laminating paper, UV Varnish covers the paper to give it a glossy and high quality feel. It can be used on a whole page, or to highlight a certain area, such as a logo or text.

These are just a few of the questions our team get asked when working with new customers. We hope these answers can help you understand more about the process of printing, however if you have any other questions feel free to contact us on 01924 473481.

We can provide a wide range of services from printing business cards for your Batley business, banners and posters for your Dewsbury office, or brochures for your Huddersfield Company. If you would like more information on our services or printing processes, you can contact our Yorkshire team through our website, or by phoning us.

Thank you from AB Print

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Christmas is only round the corner, so all of us at AB Print would like to thank everyone who has worked with AB Print over the year! Normally we try to get around to thanking you all in person, but inevitably miss people in the busy, party season. So this year we thought we would try something a little different!

We have decided to sponsor a gorgeous guide dog puppy that we can watch from 6 weeks old grow into a full qualified guide dog.

It is an amazing service to support and every puppy’s journey is different. With 24 months of training, each puppy will give freedom and independence to someone with sight loss.


The sweet puppy we have adopted is called Una. She is six weeks old in this picture and at the beginning of her journey to become a guide dog. She is a sweet puppy who loves running outside in the sunshine. Una is full of affection and loves cuddles too.

We are going to give you regular ‘Pupdates’ so we can all follow her amazing journey, with pictures and stories over the next 2 years. So from all of us at the AB Print Group, we would like to say thank you, Merry Christmas & have a Prosperous 2017.

PS. We do have AB Print Year Planners and Calendars that we will be giving out, but if for some reason they don’t arrive, just give us a shout and we will make sure Santa drops some off.