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The world of print has become increasingly difficult over the last few years with companies going out of business with constant regularity. Yorkshire continues to have a larger concentration of commercial printers than anywhere else in the UK & this is possibly because of the previous demise of the textile & mining industries several years before. In short, we’ve had it pretty rough around here & with figures being released by one of the print industry bodies over the last week or so, where it’s expected that another 20% of the existing print companies in country will fail before the end of 2013, it’s going to be a another long year.

There’s no print “genre” or size of company in particular that is feeling the pinch, it’s everyone from the guy who was made redundant & decided to install a single colour press in his garage to the huge multinationals printing millions of magazines a week.

This is why The AB Print Group has changed & diversified over the years from a small litho print company employing a handful of staff, to a company with in excess of 40 members, capable of producing a wider gamut of printed items than almost anyone else in the area, all from under one roof. This is a boast which we are very proud of & which prompted the Daily Telegraph to shoot our corporate video & ask us to join their business club. The video can be seen at our website & I would urge you to take a look & see what we are actually capable of & where we could help each other. This diversification has enabled The AB Print Group to stay strong in the marketplace & continue to grow whilst many of our competitors have fallen by the wayside. It also of course means that we can guarantee colour consistency throughout our processes, an obvious pre-requisite in “brand awareness”. This is something which has in part, enabled us to accrue a database of customers including many household names throughout the length & breadth of the country. We even have a fully manned office in Devon to look after several of our customers based in the southern counties.

We have always been conscious of quality & service & this remains paramount whatever we produce from a single business card to a prospectus, financial report or exhibition system. Very few companies in the area have our “green” credentials & even less can boast a wind turbine to generate some of their own electricity.

In these austere times, many companies decide to reduce their advertising & marketing budgets to “make ends meet” when maybe they should be doing exactly the opposite to generate new & increase existing business. This is where we can help & please remember it’s a proven fact that on average four to seven more people see a piece of printed matter, than an e-shot.

Worth thinking about possibly?

Adrian Ashpool – Account Manager – AB Print Group Ltd

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