Motorway congestion & a possible solution?

Posted On June 25, 2013 By Leave your thoughts


It would appear that finally there are going to be some consequences & punishments brought into being for the “middle lane hogger” & “tailgater” on our motorway systems but……… I can’t help but think that if this had been done some years ago, we might have been able to save millions of pounds in motorway improvements. After all, what’s the point in having a three lane motorway where to all intents & purposes, only two of them are in regular use? I travel on motorways a lot in my working life & the left hand lane for most parts is practically empty with all the traffic fighting for space on the other two. What’s going to happen next……. A four lane motorway system where two lanes aren’t used?
Is it the fact that we’re all travelling much faster on the motorways now?
The government has just announced that it will not be increasing the “legal” speed limit from 70mph but could this be a contributory factor to an empty left hand lane?
Do people sit in the centre lane because it’s “too much hassle” to keep weaving in & out of the left lane overtaking the trucks?
A lot of questions I know but I’d be intrigued to know your thoughts.
Here’s an idea……. Should we make the motorways five lanes & leave the two left lanes for the exclusive use of trucks?
Ah……… But then again, this would mean spending millions again.
Tell you what….. How about bringing in a law which means that you can get prosecuted for not using the left hand lane….. That’s a great idea, why didn’t we think of it sooner? We could have saved millions.

Just my opinion you understand!