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Having both print and an online presence for your business is important for your company image and accessibility. Print marketing has always been a classic staple piece for businesses, however digital marketing is making a rise, so using both together could benefit your business more than you think.

Adding your social media information onto printed works, such as flyers or business cards can help people get in touch with your business effectively, along with website details so potential customers can gain as much information as possible without being bombarded. Because of this, print marketing is constantly reinventing itself, finding newer interactive ways of getting in touch with customers.

QR codes and augmented reality is bringing print alive in the digital world, opening up gateways to online channels through handheld devices. Typically, the more interactive your print marketing is, the more likely you are to drive customers to making a purchase or signing up to your company.

Printed work will always carry a credibility that the digital world will struggle with, due to the enhanced permanence of printed material over digital. Printed material, whether brochures or leaflets, to magazines and newspapers, will always be considered the more credible and trusted source for information.

Getting print and digital to work in tandem is not as difficult as it may seem. Your printed work can be an incredibly simple way to direct customers to your website or social media. Combining the two, suggests to customers that you are a trustworthy company, who have thought about how best to work for your target audience.

The communication landscape is changing dramatically, but this does not mean that old forms of communication no longer work. Printed marketing can make your company appear consistent, yet digital shows the flexibility and adaptability of your company.

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