Why business cards still matter

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Since the emergence of the digital era, there has been an on-going debate of ‘is print dead’ for the past few years. It isn’t hard to see why people think like this. Why waste time and money printing business cards when you can just email someone? But a business card is as important as ever, and one printed piece of material that won’t be going out of fashion anytime soon, according to our Batley printing specialists.

Here are our top three reasons as to why business cards are still important:

  • Digital e-meets are impersonal: Giving someone a business card means you have met them face to face, which is key in growing and maintaining business relationships. To send your contact information over email or via text is really impersonal, it gives the impression you don’t have the time to talk with your prospective client one on one. At AB Print, our printing professionals understand how important it is to have business cards on hand and ready, and that is why we offer quick time turn around on such printed collateral.
  • It’s a form of direct marketing: and an easy one at that. Most companies now have well thought out marketing strategies, and a business card shouldn’t be left out of the equation. It’s actually one of the most effective forms of direct marketing. It does a great job at gaining attention and keeping you in the minds of prospective clients further down the line.
  • It is the first impression of your brand: When you meet someone at a networking event the main thing you want to do is impress them. A business card can do just that. It is a memorable way to present yourself, showcasing your brand and creative, forward-thinking manner. At AB Print, we highly recommend that you spend the time and effort getting a design studio to create a memorable business card, which is printed to a high standard. Our Batley studios offer litho printing, digital printing and other specialists options on a number of paper stocks to showcase your brand in most creative way.

If you are a business in the Huddersfield, Leeds or Wakefield area and you are looking for a reliable and efficient printers to help you print marketing collateral such as business cards, flyers, brochures and stationary, please get in touch with our Batley team on 01924 473481. Our highly regarded litho printing, digital printing and screen printing services are well used by businesses within the Yorkshire area, with our customers always receiving honest and quick feedback from our team.…

Scratch and Sniff technology brings your giveaways to life

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Scratch and Sniff technology is changing the way companies are developing their leave-behinds, bringing to life ideas and giving corporations the edge over their competitors.

At AB Print Group, we have the technology to allow our clients to use scratch and sniff on their postcards, business cards and other literature, helping them create an even better brand image.

People’s senses can be used in many ways, but a scratch and sniff card can, and will, provide a very different, better perception of your business (if appropriate).

Let’s take an example

We have recently done a campaign for a client who wanted to bring to life their campfire postcard scenario. Without the scratch and sniff technology, the card still works. It shows three individuals who are sitting over a campfire. However with scratch and sniff technology used on the fire itself, when you scratch it, you get that superb campfire smell. The smell can send your mind into overdrive as it processes the fire, bringing forward in the mind memories of camp fires and perhaps childhood or nights under the stars. As you can see, that card is no longer just a flat surface.

Famous scratch and sniff campaigns

It is not just local companies that have taken advantage of this technology. Games companies like EA Sports featured a scratch and sniff disk with their Fifa 2001 PlayStation game, giving the disc a grass-like smell. Other movies and artists have used a similar idea on disks or posters to bring it to life. It is all around us.

Can it work for you?

If you have a fragrance or sell a product that has a clear aroma, it could well work for you. Alternatively, think creative and that might then help to set you apart from your competitors. There is a way it could work for any sized or type of business, you just have to think outside the box.

If you are thinking about using scratch and sniff for a campaign and want to speak to one of our creative team to discuss how it might work, please do not hesitate to give us a call. We can recommend on size, smells and much more to bring your cards to life.…

Are you ready for your exhibition?

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Displaying at a trade show or exhibition can be a great benefit to your business. It is a perfect opportunity to display the best your business has to offer and is an excellent place to network with potential customers and clients.

Here at AB Print, we have helped countless of Yorkshire businesses prepare their perfect exhibition stand and all the materials they may need to make sure they are making the most out of the day.

Stand out of the crowd

In a packed exhibition hall it is easy to get lost in the crowd, you need to make sure your stand visually makes an impact. Exhibition displays, stands and banners all printed with your company’s branding will give the impression of a highly professional business, which is more likely to bring in the crowds.  AB Print offer state of the art screen printing and large format digital printing which can cover all your exhibition display needs and ensure you have an enticing and memorable display.  

Be Prepared 

Exhibiting is a great way for people to get to know more about what you do, so make sure you come prepared. Bring along any printed marketing materials, product brochures, company magazines and reports you have, as you never know what people may ask for! It is important you take a look to make sure you have plenty of up-to-date, relevant materials designed and printed well ahead of time.

Stay Connected

As previously mentioned, exhibitions are the ideal networking location, therefore being well stocked with up-to-date, high quality business cards is crucial. A professional, branded business card will create the perfect first impression to potential clients and customers.

If you are looking to create the perfect exhibition stand, AB Print have almost four decades of experience within this specialist field and are more than happy to help. From state of the art exhibition systems to pull up banners and hanging boards we know exactly what you need for the big day. For some expert advice do not hesitate to call the team on 01924 473481 or email…