Scratch and Sniff technology brings your giveaways to life

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Scratch and Sniff technology is changing the way companies are developing their leave-behinds, bringing to life ideas and giving corporations the edge over their competitors.

At AB Print Group, we have the technology to allow our clients to use scratch and sniff on their postcards, business cards and other literature, helping them create an even better brand image.

People’s senses can be used in many ways, but a scratch and sniff card can, and will, provide a very different, better perception of your business (if appropriate).

Let’s take an example

We have recently done a campaign for a client who wanted to bring to life their campfire postcard scenario. Without the scratch and sniff technology, the card still works. It shows three individuals who are sitting over a campfire. However with scratch and sniff technology used on the fire itself, when you scratch it, you get that superb campfire smell. The smell can send your mind into overdrive as it processes the fire, bringing forward in the mind memories of camp fires and perhaps childhood or nights under the stars. As you can see, that card is no longer just a flat surface.

Famous scratch and sniff campaigns

It is not just local companies that have taken advantage of this technology. Games companies like EA Sports featured a scratch and sniff disk with their Fifa 2001 PlayStation game, giving the disc a grass-like smell. Other movies and artists have used a similar idea on disks or posters to bring it to life. It is all around us.

Can it work for you?

If you have a fragrance or sell a product that has a clear aroma, it could well work for you. Alternatively, think creative and that might then help to set you apart from your competitors. There is a way it could work for any sized or type of business, you just have to think outside the box.

If you are thinking about using scratch and sniff for a campaign and want to speak to one of our creative team to discuss how it might work, please do not hesitate to give us a call. We can recommend on size, smells and much more to bring your cards to life.

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