What to bring to your exhibition stand

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If you’ve put a lot of time, effort and passion into your work and your exhibition, you now want to make sure as many people see it as possible.

There can be lots of exhibitions fighting for an audience so you need to make sure your stand stands out.  Even if you have the best work in the exhibition, if it is just images on a board then you’re likely to not attract many viewers and potential clients. One thing you need to do is make sure you are as engaging as possible.

When planning your exhibition think how you can boost your brand awareness and attract as many people to your stand as possible. Here at Batley based AB Print, we helped countless business across the region create their perfect exhibition displays and have come up with a definitive checklist of what to bring to your next event:

Displays and banners

You need to make your exhibition display as eye catching as possible. AB Print professionally, affordably and quickly print large format display boards. Another example that can be used to stand out of the crowd is a large pull up banner, these can be 6-foot-tall, portable, and effectively advertise your brand.

Business cards

If your display has been a success and attracted lots of potential clients to your stand, and your work has impressed your audience, now you need to make sure this goes somewhere. It would be a waste if you had impressed a number of visitors with your exhibition but there was no way they could follow it up. Take several professional printed, high quality business cards with you. Ideally try to incorporate your brand and colour scheme into the business cards too.

Leaflets or flyers

A business card is one thing for a potential client to take away but the information they can hold is limited. Throughout the day, it is likely that the visitors will accumulate many business cards from many of your competitors. A leaflet allows them to take your exhibition home, by condensing your work into a small scale leaflet they will be able to have more long-lasting impression of your exhibition.


Pens are a great way to boost brand awareness. Similar to a business card, branded stationery will have your company name and contact information. Pens however have the added bonus that they can actually be used by your clients. Also most offices have company pens in their drawers or on their desks so your stationery can continue to market for you and will likely pass through many hands.

Any exhibition is your time to shine. You want to make every effort possible that you have maximised the potential for business that your exhibit allows for.

AB Print have almost four decades’ experience in the production of point of sale (POS), point of purchase (POP), exhibition and packaging materials for an exhibition. We have a full range of litho, digital and screen printing equipment all under one roof so we can have a very fast turn-around for your order if you are in a hurry.

If you need more information about what you should consider taking to an exhibition, call us now on 01924 473481.…

Top tips for wedding invitations

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Wedding days are the most magical day of a couple’s life together. It a symbol of all the love a pair have for each other. The average cost of a wedding day in the UK is an astonishing £20,000. No expense is spared for the perfect wedding day that most people dream and fantasise about all their life. The wedding invitation is incredibly important, because it doesn’t matter how much you spend if nobody knows to show up! As well as the obvious information, how a wedding invitation looks can say just as much about the day as the wedding cake.


You are going to want a very well thought out design for your invitation. The invitation itself should look sophisticated, class and, obviously, inviting. Have the design, colour and fonts be as representative of your wedding as the decorations at the venue.

Where to include the information

For the front of your invitation usually less is more with the information. You don’t want to overcrowd the card with words, but that being said, be sure you include everything needed. Most invitations are kept simple, with clear font, align the information down the centre of your card.

What information to include

Be as short and clear with this part as possible. There is lots of necessary information that you need to pass on to your guests.
– Have the address of the venue in an unmissable spot on your invitation.
– Designate a sentence about plus ones. (if you want an adult only wedding, be sure to specify by specifically naming the guests invited)
– The dress code
– RSVP number or email address.
– If the guests are expected to choose food from a set menu in advance, make that clear.

What paper to use
you can have the most beautiful looking design of your invitation, but if this is printed on cheap paper that could all be a waste. The quality of material you decide to print on is as valuable as the look itself.


AB Print have a wide range of high quality and customisable event invitations, and with in-house finishing technologies such as die-cutting, embossing, glitter inks and foil blocking, we are able to create the perfect look for you.

AB Printing services can tailor to any requirement you might have to cater for your perfect day. For more information give us a call now on 01924 473481.…

Specialist printing that brings your marketing to life

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In today’s crowded exhibition halls it is hard to stand out of crowd. Every business comes prepared with countless numbers of freebies to hand out to delegates, enticing them to come see what the organisation has to offer, many of which are lost, forgotten or discarded soon after the event.   

If you want to create effective marketing material, the key is to make it memorable. You want marketing material that will not be instantly thrown away but kept for its interesting, unique qualities. Thinking outside the box can be beneficial at it means your branding is imprinted more definitively with your target market.

Here at Yorkshire based AB Print we have a number of specialist printing options available that will allow your organisation to create memorable and effective marketing material:

Heat Sensitive Printing

One technique that can be used to add something a little different in your printed materials is heat sensitive printing. Using thermochromic inks your promotional material can reveal previously unseen graphics when heat is applied. Used on postcards, posters and other novelty promotional items, it encourages customers to physically interact with your product by touching. Heat sensitive material can be used as a great, fun ‘reveal’ mechanism, for things such as quiz answers and product announcements.

Scratch ‘n’ Sniff Printing

Sensory marketing technologies have made a huge comeback in recent years. Studies have shown that 75% of our emotions are generated by smell, which means many companies are expanding into sensory marketing to create a memorable experience for potential customers. Scratch ‘n’ sniff printing can use scents evocative of your business in your printed material to create a truly unique experience.

Glow in the Dark Printing

Associated in the past merely with Halloween and children’s toys, glow in the dark printing has come a long way in recent years. The new enhanced performance of phosphorescent or photoluminescent inks mean inks stay far brighter for far longer. These are great for fun and eye-catching marketing materials such as event wristbands and stickers, or to make your exhibition posters stand out from the crowd.

If you require some inventive printed materials to reinvent your marketing campaign, do not hesitate to get in touch with the Batley based team today on 01924 473481 to find out more. As a specialist print service with a full range of litho, digital and screen printing, AB Print can offer the full printing service under one roof.…

How to create great business to business collateral

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In an increasingly digital world, many businesses make the mistake of thinking that print material is no longer a valid means of communicating their company’s message or brand. However, this could not be further from the truth as when designed correctly printed material can create great business to business collateral. Here are some of our tips for producing effective material:

1. Avoid jargon
The first thing to consider when producing print material is the language that you use. Including technical words or sector specific jargon is likely to put people off reading what you have to say. Make information as easy as possible to understand to keep them interested and to ensure they respond to your call to action.

2. Keep it short
As well as language being important so is the length and layout of your text. The information you are conveying needs to be broken into small, manageable chunks rather than be presented as long, off-putting blocks of text. Keep paragraphs short and make use of bullet points and numbered lists too.

3. Engage with images
Finally, add some images or illustrations to enforce the points you are making. Graphics, photos and things such as bar charts or diagrams are great ways of engaging your audience with the points you are making and supporting arguments you have made. They also offer the opportunity to reinforce your brand if you use a similar colour scheme.

AB Print offer a range of specialist printing services including commercial stationary, brochures and leaflets to help businesses connect with one another and effectively communicate their brand. To find out more about how we can help you and your business please give us a call today on 01924 473481.…