How to create great business to business collateral

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In an increasingly digital world, many businesses make the mistake of thinking that print material is no longer a valid means of communicating their company’s message or brand. However, this could not be further from the truth as when designed correctly printed material can create great business to business collateral. Here are some of our tips for producing effective material:

1. Avoid jargon
The first thing to consider when producing print material is the language that you use. Including technical words or sector specific jargon is likely to put people off reading what you have to say. Make information as easy as possible to understand to keep them interested and to ensure they respond to your call to action.

2. Keep it short
As well as language being important so is the length and layout of your text. The information you are conveying needs to be broken into small, manageable chunks rather than be presented as long, off-putting blocks of text. Keep paragraphs short and make use of bullet points and numbered lists too.

3. Engage with images
Finally, add some images or illustrations to enforce the points you are making. Graphics, photos and things such as bar charts or diagrams are great ways of engaging your audience with the points you are making and supporting arguments you have made. They also offer the opportunity to reinforce your brand if you use a similar colour scheme.

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