How can you impress the most at events using printed material?

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AB Print Group has over 40 years’ experience in producing point of sale and printed material for a successful exhibition presence, and our innovative designers are well aware that this is absolutely an area where impact is everything. Savvy customers like our high-quality work teamed with value for money costing, so with a view to getting maximum effect for your marketing budget, here is our guide to using point of sale and printed materials to cause a stir at your next trade event.

  • Get attention. If your trade stand is surrounded by your competitors, you will be relying on your point of sale printed material to grab the attention of potential customers. Banner stands place your logo above the crowd, leaving space on your stand for posters, leaflets, and flyers.
  • Use a QR code. Placing a QR code on your printed material provides a link to your customers, inviting them to visit your website, or take up an offer.
  • Emphasise your company colours and logo. A fully printed backdrop or large curved banner stand will make your company colours stand out without taking precious stand space away from your point of sale or printed material.
  • Be innovative with your posters. Instead of a single poster design, try a series of posters, each showing a different aspect of your company message, linked by the company colours and logo.
  • Promotional gifts. This is a sure way to get your customers’ attention, and provides an opportunity to give out your printed material. AB Print Group can help you choose promotional gifts to attract the customers you want.
  • Be unique. It could be worth spending a little more to stand out from the crowd.

The design team at Batley based AB Print Group can produce eye catching and exciting new point of sale and printed material for your next trade show.a…

We are hiring!

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We are looking to hire a Digital Press Operator to join our team of printing experts here at Batley based AB Print Group.

From litho printing to digital printing, from screen printing to specialist print finishing, we’ve invested heavily in plant and equipment over the years, backing up our commitment to control as much as possible under one roof.

We are looking for an operator to work shifts on our Kodak Nexpress, a market-leading digital printing press that forms part of our Small Format Digital Plant. 

We can provide full training if the candidate has the skills required and demonstrates a commitment to the amount of training needed.

Salary for the role is up to £25000 pa, including dd shift rate + o/t.

We are proud to be a company that is built on the skills, expertise and personalities of those who work here and believe this contributes to the excellent team atmosphere we have nurtured here at AB Print.

If you are interested in joining the team and want to find out more information about the role, do not hesitate to get in touch with Alan Goodall, Group Commercial Manager, on 01924 473 481.…

How to make your business card stand out

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Business cards are a great way to start a conversation with a potential client or to make sure they remember you after a networking event or sales pitch. With this in mind, it is therefore important that the information you include on them is both relevant and engaging in order to make sure your business card stands out from the crowd. Here are some things to thing about when designing your next set:

  1. Avoid clutter

Whilst it’s tempting to include all your business info, contact details and services, think about what options really need to be on there. Including a website address or social media account details that you can direct people to will allow them to find out more about you company.

  1. Keep consistency

If your company already has a logo, established brand colours or specific typefaces or fonts, then use these on your card as well in order to maintain consistency between your online and offline marketing material. Using the same style is a sign of professionalism and will make your brand more memorable too.

  1. Include illustrations

Whatever your business and the service or product you provide, a card which incorporates a visual element will help you stand out from the crowd. This could be a company logo, a picture of one of your products, someone from your business or an image which demonstrates what you do or will inspire curiosity in people to find out more about you.

AB Print offer a range of printing services to help your business stand out from the crowd. As well as business cards, we also provide a range of business stationary including letterheads, compliment slips, invoices and desk pads. To talk to us in more detail about your business’s individual requirements or to request a quote please get in touch by calling 01924 473481.…

How to design the perfect exhibition stand

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When designed properly, exhibition stand printed materials are a great way of promoting your business and communicating the service or product that you offer. In order to make sure your display fulfils its potential, we recommend bearing the following points in mind:

  1. Keep content clear

Although it may be tempting to include everything about your company, stick to a few key points rather than reams of text. This will mean that your message will be visible from a distance and easily digestible by attendees.

  1. Provide contact details

This might sound obvious but it’s important to include at least a phone number and email address so that potential clients can get in touch for more information at a later date.

  1. Use high quality images

Using high quality, well selected photos or illustrations can help to communicate what you are offering more effectively than lots of text. Make sure to choose ones that really convey your business and what it does.

  1. Choose colours carefully

The colours that you use also need to be chosen carefully. If you are an established company it is best to use these to maintain consistency. If you are new and really wanting to stand out from the crowd then bright, bold colours are an option.

  1. Make sure it fits your brand

When designing your display it’s really important to think about how it links to your brand and existing material in order to maintain consistency. As well as colours, think about using the same fonts and logos so that it fits with other printed products such as business cards or online information such as websites. Maintaining your brand image across these different mediums signals that your company is well-established and professional.

AB Print have more than 35 years of experience creating exhibition materials. Our state of the art printing systems means we are able to offer competitively priced display boards, hanging panels, leaflet dispensers and cubes and more. To discuss your company’s exhibition requirements in more detail please get in touch today on 01924 473481.…