Business Cards still matter and here is why

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Despite businesses all over the world going more digital, business cards are still an important offline tool to be used to attract new business and ensure you have the most up to date contact information.

At AB Print, we understand the importance of a good business card, and have been helping companies all over Yorkshire make sure theirs stands out the best. Below, we have listed some top reasons why business cards still matter.

Digital swapping of data is impersonal

Despite access to so much data online, people still do business with real people and the chances are when you swap business cards, you have had a good conversation, eye-to-eye, which means your connection is already starting to develop.

A very effective marketing tool

Having business cards with you at all times can ensure that when an opportunity arises itself, you can take advantage. It is a good idea to keep some in a wallet or a bag that you take everywhere so that you are always prepared. Nothing looks quite as professional as brining out a business card at the end of a meeting.

Its represents you and our brand

A business card is the first representation of your brand so it neds to look smart. A memorable business card does a lot more than just provide your contact details. It can show off your quality, your style, what you stand for, your attention to detail and much more. Make it creative and people will remember you for all the right reasons. Get it wrong and it could harm you later down the line.

Invest in it

There are options for cheap business cards, but cheap business cards look cheap. Invest in yourself and your business and get some high-end quality business cards that will last, look good and feel good. You wouldn’t drive round in an old car for your meetings, or turn up in a t-shirt and shorts, so why leave a cheap unprofessional business card?

If you would like to know more about how business cards can work for you, or would like some business cards printing for yourself or work colleagues, please do not hesitate to get in touch with our team on 01924 473481.

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