What printed materials should you take to your event

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Whatever type of event you are going to, you should always be prepared with marketing tools and props. You should use the opportunity to showcase your company and your brand, and this can be done with a range of printed materials. Regardless of what specific type of material you bring, the very fact that you have taken the time and initiative to invest in them shows signs of a well-prepared, well-structured business with a clear understanding of organisation and branding. All of which are traits that a future client can have confidence investing into.

A business card is essential for any business event as they have the potential to increase sales, expand your customer base, and extend your client portfolio. Business cards enable you to act on conversations with potential new clients and can be the kickstart the beginning of a lucrative business relationship. Also, it doesn’t matter what type of corporate event or exhibition you are at, business cards can be taken anywhere thanks to their size and portability.

Business cards are printed using digital printing, this type of printing is effective for quick turnarounds of large orders. It can print onto a range of card that range between 60gsm and 400gsm depending on how strong and durable you want your product to be.

Stationary is another effective marketing tool as they don’t get thrown away as often as business cards do. Instead they can be used on a daily basis by your clients and therefore have the power to continue to market for you even after the event. They usually stay in business environments and cleverly capitalise on the fact companies will always need stationary close to their desks.

Exhibition stands

If you are exhibiting at an event or conference then you will need a high-quality display to accompany your exhibit. If you produce a creative and attractive sign you can help your business stand apart from the competition. The benefits of investing in a display or sign are almost endless for a business, providing they are professionally designed and produced.

Printed materials are a great way of promoting your product, your service, your company and your brand. At AB Print all printing service including, Litho, Digital and screen printing are all done under the same room. AB’s ability to print everything in-house means they can maintain control and quality throughout all its services. For more information call 01924 473481.

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