What makes a good business card?

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A business card can serve as a great reminder of your product or services to a potential client. It can encourage them to get in contact with you, arrange a meeting and discuss a deal. It is therefore vitally important that your business card contains all the necessary information and encouragement needed for them to send an email or make that call.

Correct contact details

It is vital that all the contact details given on the card are correct. Make sure that your work email and telephone number are included, along with your company’s website address so that customers can search for further information online if they wish. Depending on the type of business you are, links to social media campaigns may be useful too.

Correct spelling and grammar

As well as encouraging action, a business card can also dissuade people from buying if there are mistakes in the text. Errors suggest a lack of professionalism and poor attention to detail, putting potential customers off. Make sure you get someone to proofread the content of the business card before it goes to print.

Consistent brand image

Business cards are one of a variety of ways that you can promote your brand and communicate its message. It’s important that all aspects of your brand are consistent to have maximum impact so it’s advisable to use the same colour scheme and font as other printed or online material.

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