The Advantages of Business Cards

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For many companies, businesses and even freelancers in cities across Yorkshire, business cards are a nifty method of exposing your services. Depending on the service being provided, the essential components of a business card make it a bite-sized way to maintain and generate awareness.

The advantages of business cards

How are business cards beneficial to SME’s? What are the Advantages of business cards:

Size and ease of access:

Potentially the most enticing factor about business cards is their size. Varying in dimensions, most business cards are the size of a credit or debit card and can fit in wallets and purses. They don’t take up too much space on desks either and can be easily accessed by customers or clients. Sometimes the element that the business card can be forgotten about in a pocket or purse can work in your favour as a business, as at some point it will be pulled out thus sparking the memory of receiving the card.

Design flexibility

With modern printing services, the possibilities regarding how you can make your business cards look, feel, and even smell are endless. Options such as embossed print, glow in the dark, and even print by smell are available. Knowing how to use these options to fit the purpose of your business on a business card can go a long way to increasing the memorability of your company. It’s important that the basic design of the card should follow design principles that match the identity of your business however.


Most business cards are handed out physically by a representative of the business. This gives off much more personable connotations of you and your services if you’ve built up a rapport with the recipient. Building a rapport with clients and consumers will go a long way to increasing the saliency of your business or company.


In comparison to more expensive methods of advertising, business cards are very cheap for the job that they do. Of course investing in flamboyant designs will evidently result in higher expenditure, but most standard sets will be at an affordable price.  

Taking this into consideration, the pros outweigh the cons when it comes to cost, time, and effectiveness. Business cards are relatively cheap to make when created in bulk, and with a little bit of thought at the beginning can be made to a high quality with the resources of a good printing service such as AB Print. All in all, they are a great tool for exposing your brand or business, and achieving saliency in your client, customer or audience.

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