Recent Investments mean Higher Quality and Faster Turnaround

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As a forward-thinking company in a constantly developing world, AB Print are continually looking to invest in the best and latest technology, so we can deliver a quality, consistent and efficient service.

In 2016, global optical imaging manufacturer Canon won the award for Best cut sheet colour A3+ printer up to 200.000 A4/month at the European Digital Press Awards (EDP) for one of their digital products; the C10000VP ImagePRESS.

On the back of this, we saw fit to do our research. What we found was a digital colour press that offered high resolution print quality that equals (in the eyes of the EDP, betters) any comparable products from other manufacturers.

From our research, we’ve managed to come up with four fundamentals that will go far in getting better results for our clients and customers, as reasons to invest in the award-winning printer.

Customer Preference:

Some clients and customers prefer vibrancy and enthusiasm in the colouring of their designs. Others prefer more muted, monotone and quieter tones to portray a specific mood or feel. One of the benefits of this printer is that it can satisfy a variation of requirements.

Consistency and efficiency:

No printer would have won an award if the finishes that they produced were not fit for purpose. Investing in this would mean we can further enhance our promise to ensure quality printing and meet branding requirements first time.


The Canon C10000VP printer can print on a selection of varied materials. This makes it easier for us to cost effectively print items such as wedding invitations, and business cards on unique materials that offer a luxury look and feel for special occasions or to make them more memorable. 


Whilst we here at AB Print already own a long-sheet digital press, we saw it necessary to improve on our pre-existing technology. Our adaptation to innovation here, will go a long way to improving and adding to our project completion and meeting deadlines consistently.

However, this isn’t the only area where we have improved. The Kodak Nexpress has now been upgraded to make for easier processes. Previously, it was not possible to Spot UV Varnish onto digitally printed products across all manufacturers without applying a laminate solution. The laminate solution prevents the UltraViolet Varnish from reticulating. The Nexpress by Kodak has now eliminated this drawback with a HD ink upgrade.

With our diverse client base through a range of sectors such as retailers, small to medium sized businesses, independent brands, and offices, we saw these changes necessary to provide our clients with the opportunity to benefit from high quality printing services with a fast turnaround. If you would like to speak to a member of our team regarding how our printing practises can assist your needs, feel free to call us on 01924 473481.

In addition to this, if you would like to learn more about print, we are still holding an open invitation for anyone to come down and visit our site. Find out more here.

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