The resurgence of Direct Mail

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Known as a more traditional method of communicating, direct mail is now making a comeback. Following a period of decline between 2015 and 2016, latest data shows direct mail ad spend increased in 2017.

According to IPA TouchPoints, data also shows that direct mail is a well-received marketing tool, highlighting why it is the third largest media channel in the UK.

As well as having more advanced printing methods, meaning direct mail appears more creative and engaging, the recent launch of JICMail (The Joint Industry Committee for Mail) could also help to encourage this drive in direct mail. This new initiative means that brands and agencies will be provided with more in-depth measurements and standardised audience data to help build a realistic understanding around the effectiveness of direct mail campaigns. 

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The DMA, IPA and Royal Mail are just a few of the many industry bodies and businesses who have teamed up to create the JICMail board. The data collected by the board will provide an insight into measures such as mail readership, exposure and reach through collecting information from a nationally representative sample about the journey their mail takes over a 4 week period once received through the letter box. This progress is extremely positive for the direct marketing industry, as the lack of awareness due to ineffective evaluation methods used in the past were perhaps what led to the decline in direct mail ad spend.

With consumers receiving numerous emails a day, direct mail provides a more memorable and tangible source of information which can easily be shared and seen by multiple people. With the new JICMail data, this will allow marketers to get more of an insight into consumer behaviour and how they value direct mail, allowing them to enhance and improve this highly regarded media channel.

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