Pudsey’s 10k Run Leaflets

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At AB Print, we know that a lot of our success is down to our clients. Without them, we wouldn’t be able to continue doing what we love – designing and printing wonderfully bespoke materials including brochures, stationery, and exhibition stands – just to name a few!

All our success would stand for nothing if we did not show our appreciation by giving back to the community, which is why this month we have printed and donated hundreds of leaflets for the 10K fun run, hosted by Pudsey Legal.

This fantastic event is in support of two charities, one being Marie Curie, who support families of those with terminal illnesses, like cancer. The second is Getaway Girls, a charity which aims to empower young girls aged between 11 and 25 in difficult situations, such as poverty, young pregnancies, and victims of domestic violence, to build their confidence and develop new skills.

It was great for our team to be involved with such a brilliant event and we were very happy to help create these vibrant leaflets to get the message out about these great causes.

Whilst more information is shared online these days, for many people there’s still nothing quite like a piece of printed material. For community events like this 10K run, leaflets are a great way to provide information and to help grab the attention of the public. Leaflets were also ideal for this event as they also included an entry form for those who wished to take part in one of the runs.

The Pudsey 10K run will take place at 10:45am on Sunday the 17th of June (2018) at Greenside Primary School. To find out more about the event, visit: We look forward to the event and wish everyone the best of luck! 

AB Print are proud to be one of the leading printing companies in Yorkshire. Our bespoke services and high-tech machinery allow us to provide amazing results for our clients, who come from a range of industries. For more information, contact us here or call 01924 473481.


The Organic Company Skin Care Display

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We’ve had a busy week at AB Print – set with the challenge of producing a beautiful, bespoke display for a new skin care product by The Organic Company. The ‘Rose Diamond Skin Exfoliator’ is a silky, hydrating cleansing balm, made from 100% organic ingredients to achieve a glowing, youthful look.

The product has become extremely popular amongst spas and consumers – selling out on their website already. Our project allowed us to get involved with this wonderful product and company as we were approached by The Organic Company to design and construct a display stand.

We were keen to get involved in such a fun project and work with an industry where aesthetics are key for standing out amongst competitors. The Organic Company

The stand was to be made from mirrored acrylic with Cad-cut vinyl lettering, for an elegant appearance. We were excited to take on the project as it allowed us to use our Acuity F large format printer – one that is unique to other printers on the market – using CMYK and white acrylic. The Acuity F printer allows us to produce amazing, quality designs.

The stand is to be used in retailers and spas throughout the UK to highlight the new product in all its glory. Featuring diamond powder, the Rose Diamond product is desirable by women all over the country. It encourages a new perspective on skin care products, featuring all-natural ingredients, all produced in London.

The mirrored stand enhances the distinguished aura of the product, as well as the quality. With a stunning rosy pink background, to match the product packaging. The black lettering, though simple, provides a brief message: “Instantly reveal cleaner, brighter, more luminous skin.”The organic company

AB Print are always keen to take on new challenges, as we truly love what we do. If you’d like more information on how we can assist you with the promotion of your product, give us a call today on 01924 473481 or visit our contact page.



AB Print work with Juno Telecoms

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Our specialised services have been put to effective use once again in a recent project we carried out for communication service provider, Juno Telecoms. They support businesses across a variety of sectors in communication services using multiple electronic platforms; supplying businesses with the latest phone technology, to helping SMEs adapt to digital advancements and converge to new platforms necessary to run a business.

juno telecoms 2

This time, it was AB Print’s turn to help them with the planning, design and manufacture of two highly versatile 3×2 Twist Exhibition stands. The panels comprising the stands consisted of:

  • Two 900mm x 2000mm Panels including a Media panel which had a TV bracket installed allowing Juno to display promotional digital material.
  • Five 1000mm x 2000mm Panels
  • Four 550mm x 2000mm Flex Panels which offered flexibility to the stand allowing it to be twisted around a corner. This is ideal for conferences and exhibitions where space could be limited but you want your display to generate maximum possible attention.
  • One Case Wrap that acted as a stand for brochures and leaflets. 

juno telecoms

An added benefit of the panels is that they can be mixed and matched to provide a highly professional look for any exhibition space. Using our Acuity F printer, 4 colours were printed onto anti-scruff polypropylene when applied to the panels, as this offers more durability.

We are proud to have completed this to such a high standard, as it shows testament to our resourcefulness and commitment to quality. This project is a notable example showing the range of services a trusted provider such as AB Print can offer. Our exhibition manufacturing services can be beneficial to your company or business if you have a conference or convention coming up. Not only that, we can build a variety of visual displays and graphics. For more information, feel free to call us on 01924 473481.…