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Our specialised services have been put to effective use once again in a recent project we carried out for communication service provider, Juno Telecoms. They support businesses across a variety of sectors in communication services using multiple electronic platforms; supplying businesses with the latest phone technology, to helping SMEs adapt to digital advancements and converge to new platforms necessary to run a business.

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This time, it was AB Print’s turn to help them with the planning, design and manufacture of two highly versatile 3×2 Twist Exhibition stands. The panels comprising the stands consisted of:

  • Two 900mm x 2000mm Panels including a Media panel which had a TV bracket installed allowing Juno to display promotional digital material.
  • Five 1000mm x 2000mm Panels
  • Four 550mm x 2000mm Flex Panels which offered flexibility to the stand allowing it to be twisted around a corner. This is ideal for conferences and exhibitions where space could be limited but you want your display to generate maximum possible attention.
  • One Case Wrap that acted as a stand for brochures and leaflets. 

juno telecoms

An added benefit of the panels is that they can be mixed and matched to provide a highly professional look for any exhibition space. Using our Acuity F printer, 4 colours were printed onto anti-scruff polypropylene when applied to the panels, as this offers more durability.

We are proud to have completed this to such a high standard, as it shows testament to our resourcefulness and commitment to quality. This project is a notable example showing the range of services a trusted provider such as AB Print can offer. Our exhibition manufacturing services can be beneficial to your company or business if you have a conference or convention coming up. Not only that, we can build a variety of visual displays and graphics. For more information, feel free to call us on 01924 473481.

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