Congratulations to James and Alan!

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Over the years, AB Print have continued to grow to become one of the most successful printing companies in the Yorkshire region. In addition to offering a broad range of high quality and unique design and printing solutions, this success is largely down to the fantastic team who have been the driving force behind the business.  

The team have not only continued to expand, now comprising of 48 members, working in a range of disciplines including sales, design, litho printing, digital, screen printing, finishing and warehousing, many existing team members have also progressed into new roles due to their hard work and dedication to the company.

Two team members who have worked at AB Print for many years, and have been newly promoted, are Alan Goodall and James Kemp. Alan, who previously worked as the Group Commercial Manager, and is the face you see at many exhibitions (most recently, Buy Yorkshire), has now been promoted to Sales Director. James Kemp, has also been promoted to Production Director, overseeing the overall day to day production to ensure continued efficiency and quality.

It’s always great to see team members progress and grow with the business so we want to say a huge congratulations to both Alan and James! We wish you all the best in your new roles and look forward to our continued success together. 


AB Print are always keen to take on new challenges, as we truly love what we do. If you’d like more information on how we can assist you with your printing needs, give us a call today on 01924 473481 or visit our contact page.

Buy Yorkshire 2018

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This month AB Print attended the biggest networking exhibition in the North of England, at the First Direct Arena in Leeds. Buy Yorkshire, hosted by The Yorkshire Mafia proved to be an incredibly successful event for all who attended – meeting new people and developing relationships with other businesses.

The event was different to last year’s in the sense that it was hosted at a new venue and was condensed into a one-day conference. The timescale however did not disappoint as over 4000 registered delegates appeared at the event as well as 200 businesses with exhibition stands.

As it is one of our specialisms and most popular services, our stand was designed and manufactured in-house. It gave us the opportunity to showcase our talents to other exhibitors and attendees.  

The event was incredibly diverse and created an inspiring environment for all. We met many new and interesting businesses and even had the privilege of listening to speakers from international companies such as Microsoft, British Airways and Ogilvy.

The conference was a great chance for us to put our name out there and network with businesses from across the UK, displaying our high-quality services in design and print.

AB Print specialise in printing services throughout the country. Our experienced team and cutting-edge technology allow us to provide amazing results for our clients. For more information, contact us today on 01924 473481.…

Typography and Terminology

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Anything relating to the size, space, shape and appearance of the text of a publication is classed as typography. An easy way to remember it is through the word ‘type’, which is the verb used to describe how we make text appear on a screen.

Copy is a fundamental part to most print works. It is how most messages are communicated and with a consideration in the typography of the text, designers can become even more creative. But what is typography and the terminology associated with it? As printing experts in Yorkshire, AB Print have broken down the basics of typography terminology:

  • Leading

This refers to the vertical space usually between the bottom of the characters of one line and the tip of the characters on the line below. The more leading between each line of text, the more space each line has to breathe individually. This can be useful for standalone sentences or words intended to give maximum impact.

  1. Tracking

This refers to the space in-between each letter within a word. The greater the tracking, the more expanded the word will be.  

  1. Kerning

Often confused with tracking, kerning refers to the spacing between a pair of letters, numerical characters or punctuation. In most common typefaces, capitalised letters AV often overlap into each other’s space.

  1. Point

Also known as PT, this is one many of you may have come across before. This is the smallest unit of measurement in typography and is used to measure point size, leading, and images on a printed page.

  1. White space

Many designs utilise white space to offer a clean aesthetic to the layout. Used correctly, it can emphasise imagery and copy. Creatively, it can even be used as ‘negative space’, where the space not used can create shapes and even words.

We hope this illustrated the fundamentals of typography and the terminology associated with it. Knowing these definitions can be helpful when negotiating artwork with printers for your designs. At AB Print, we work with many businesses to make sure their print-work and artwork contains the correct dimensions and has the necessary copy.

If you would like to speak to us regarding our printing services, feel free to get in contact with us on 01924 473481.…

The Stand of the Summer!

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This month, AB Print were given the task of designing and creating a stunning summer themed stand for well-known company, The Organic Pharmacy.

The stand was to be used throughout the UK, to promote their new summer range of skin care products, accompanied by the slogan “Safe Summer Sun.” The products feature UV protection, like sun cream, whilst still offering nourishing skin care results.

A bespoke cutter was produced by our in-house team of printers, using our unique, Flat Bed Acuity F printer – it was then to be cut using a digital ‘cad-cutting’ system, named the Zund.stand of summer

To match the theme of Summer, the display features blue and white colours, in the form of stripes to mimic the idea of a beach house or lounger. As well as these stylish stripes, the stand was placed on a printed beach scenery – featuring waves, seashells, palm trees and sand.

Featuring two platforms, the lower base is to hold tester bottles of the products and the higher tier will contain the packaged range.

This stunning display brings attention to the Summer themed range with its bright colours and sandy beach imagery. The Organic Pharmacy have said that the new products are hydrating with natural UV protection and antioxidants – perfect for those with easily burning and sensitive skin. 

We love taking on projects like this, as we have a lot of fun exploring colours and using our unique Acuity F printer. We aim to provide the highest quality service for our clients each and every time as we believe this is what makes us one of the leading companies in the area.

AB Print offer an array of print services, including point of sale, brochures, flyers and commercial stationery! For more information about our services and how we can help you promote your products, give us a call today on 01924 473481 or contact us here.…

AB Print to exhibit at Buy Yorkshire 2018

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The Yorkshire region is home to many successful and interesting businesses, all of which enjoy being given the opportunity to network with other people and gain new contacts.

On the 15th of May 2018, AB Print are set to exhibit at Buy Yorkshire; a 1-day conference with world class speakers, 200 exhibition stands, and over 4000 registered delegates. The day will include talks from guest speakers, as well as provide exposure to thousands of visitors.

The event is powered by The Yorkshire Mafia; the biggest and most active business networking group outside of London and is set to take place at the First Direct Arena in Leeds.

An afterparty will also be thrown by the Yorkshire Mafia in celebration, to be hosted at Manahatta bar in Leeds city centre. Spaces are thought to be limited, however details regarding entry can be found here.

For us, this will be an unmissable opportunity for us to showcase our printing services; we are also at a slight advantage, as we can design and manufacture our own exhibition stands due to being experts in this field.

We know that this will be an enjoyable day and evening and are looking forward to networking with and meeting plenty of new people. You can keep up to date with the latest regarding Buy Yorkshire on their Twitter page. To keep up to date with all of AB Print’s latest work, follow us here or feel free to call 01924 473481 or email to find out more about our services.…