Pudsey 10K Run Results!

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Last weekend was the Pudsey 10k charity run and a few of the team members here at AB Print are suffering from it now!

The charity event was held in aid of Marie Curie and Getaway Girls. You may recall an article we published in April about our involvement with the event – designing and printing the colourful leaflets used to spread awareness of this fantastic event. However, printing leaflets was not the only way in which our team got involved.

Three members of our team – Paul, Ian and James, undertook the challenge of running 10k to raise awareness for the charities Marie Curie and Getaway Girls, both of which help those in vulnerable places and stages in their lives.

Marie Curie is a well-established charity which provides hospice and nursing care to those with terminal illnesses.

Getaway Girls are a local charity who work with vulnerable young women to give them confidence and help them empower their lives. 

We’re always eager to participate in charitable events, as we truly believe in giving back and showing appreciation to our clients and our community. Our clients are the reason we continue to thrive as a company, meaning that we wouldn’t be here without them.

All the team here at AB Print are extremely proud of Paul, Ian and James who not only ran, but ran very well! Running a 10k is a fantastic achievement for anybody, but to hit it in the times mentioned below, and to do so while supporting such worthwhile causes, makes it extra special to us.   

To find out more about the Pudsey 10k, or how AB Print can help support your charity, give us a call today on 01924 473481.…

Why Choose a Bespoke Printer over Online Printers?

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Over recent months we have had an increase in enquiries from SMEs who have been using online printing companies and have decided to leave those behind and work with our team at AB Print instead.


Using a bespoke printing company such as AB Print often has many more benefits than using online companies, not just in terms of quality, but also in terms of customer service. After speaking to many customers about their experience with online printers, we have listed some of the reasons they decided to leave:


Unsatisfactory Customer Service:


One of the issues with using an online printer is that there is no one point of contact, meaning queries and issues can be ignored. Having to wait weeks for a response, if receiving one at all, can be extremely frustrating and mean time and money are wasted on a service which did not provide you with exactly what you wanted. On the other hand, when working with a bespoke printer, such as AB Print, having a relationship with the customer matters. Every customer is dealt with on an individual basis and is contacted by the team regularly so that we can tailor our printing services to your needs and keep you informed.  


Not Meeting Expectations:


Another reason customers have moved from online printers is because they have been let down on lead times and delivery dates. For many businesses, meeting deadlines is crucial, so when we work with any of our clients this is something that is always a priority. At AB Print we work to your deadlines, meaning our team go above and beyond to ensure these are met.


Lack of Clarity over Quality:


Due to the nature of online printing, clients don’t get to see the final product until it is delivered to them. This can mean that there is lack of clarity over the quality of print, such as the paper weight, and how the finish and artwork might appear. This can often lead to printing of poor quality meaning the client ends up paying twice to get print work that meets their requirements. However, the benefits of working with a bespoke printer are that the client can meet face to face with team members and physically see and choose which materials and finishes they prefer before placing their order.


By being a fully serviced printing company, we can be a one-stop shop for all our clients printing which includes digital, litho, and with recent investments last year, we can now also provide large format printing. Our experienced team can create a variety of bespoke print materials such as business cards, leaflets, brochures, and for the retail sector we can even help with all the POS on our large format printers. No matter what quantity, AB Print can do it all and will always produce high quality print to your exact requirements.


To find out more about our services and how we can help you, feel free to call us on 01924 473481 or visit us at our Batley site!…

Spreading World Cup Fever at AB Print

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As an accomplished and well recognised facilitator of printing services in Yorkshire, AB Print love to get involved with global events wherever possible, often supplying offices and businesses with themed products.

This time, it was the biggest event in football, taking place in Russia; the 2018 World Cup. 32 teams from around the globe were preparing for this international tournament and similarly, AB Print were busy preparing, as many of our clients requested printed World Cup themed products; something we have been able to carry out and enjoy.

The last month has seen us become inundated with requests for products to help businesses get their staff into the World Cup spirit, and to engage with their clients and customers too. Some of the products we have been producing include corporate marketing material such as:

  • Flyers advertising live coverage of specific games
  • Printed tournament trees for office sweepstakes
  • Retail Point of Sale indicating World Cup themed offers and incentives
  • Other World Cup related memorabilia

We have thoroughly enjoyed helping some of Yorkshire’s finest businesses get into the World Cup spirit, as well as having a little bit of fun ourselves. Hopefully this year’s tournament doesn’t disappoint, and maybe England can give us something to shout about this year?

If you are interested in introducing some printed literature to any upcoming events, whether it is a flyer, or a calendar, AB Print would be more than happy to help. You can contact us on 01924 473481. Alternatively, you can contact us by email at


world cup

Geoff Ricketts’ Car Vinyl

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For a number of years, AB Print have been designing and printing a variety of products tailored to clients, from business cards all the way through to commercial stands, used to advertise new products and services. Our experience and expertise mean that we are always up for a challenge, which is why we are always keen to undertake any given printing task, to show off what our fantastic team can do.

This month, we were faced with a new challenge, one which few of our clients are aware we offer – car vinyl stickers!

A local Freight company contacted us to enquire about a vinyl sticker for one of their vehicles and we were more than happy to undertake the project. Vehicle livery has always been something we were keen to get involved in, as the design and branding possibilities are endless.

The sticker was to be printed using our large format printer – the Acuity F Printer. Using this, we printed the design onto Contra Vison – a transform glass with one-way vision – a material perfect for privacy and security as the black-out window effect allows only those inside the vehicle to see out and prevents those on the outside from peering in.

The sticker showcased the company’s branding, allowing them constant business exposure as wherever the vehicle goes, whether driving down the M1 or parked up by the local park, your  branding follows. Vehicle livery and vinyl stickers are a great, low cost way of advertising any company.

AB Print don’t just print on paper. Our expert designers and printing engineers are experienced within a variety of printing sectors, including car vinyl. We’re able to offer bespoke printing solutions to all our clients. For more information, please do not hesitate to call us on 01924 473481 or visit our contact page.