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For a number of years, AB Print have been designing and printing a variety of products tailored to clients, from business cards all the way through to commercial stands, used to advertise new products and services. Our experience and expertise mean that we are always up for a challenge, which is why we are always keen to undertake any given printing task, to show off what our fantastic team can do.

This month, we were faced with a new challenge, one which few of our clients are aware we offer – car vinyl stickers!

A local Freight company contacted us to enquire about a vinyl sticker for one of their vehicles and we were more than happy to undertake the project. Vehicle livery has always been something we were keen to get involved in, as the design and branding possibilities are endless.

The sticker was to be printed using our large format printer – the Acuity F Printer. Using this, we printed the design onto Contra Vison – a transform glass with one-way vision – a material perfect for privacy and security as the black-out window effect allows only those inside the vehicle to see out and prevents those on the outside from peering in.

The sticker showcased the company’s branding, allowing them constant business exposure as wherever the vehicle goes, whether driving down the M1 or parked up by the local park, your  branding follows. Vehicle livery and vinyl stickers are a great, low cost way of advertising any company.

AB Print don’t just print on paper. Our expert designers and printing engineers are experienced within a variety of printing sectors, including car vinyl. We’re able to offer bespoke printing solutions to all our clients. For more information, please do not hesitate to call us on 01924 473481 or visit our contact page.

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