Designing Special Event Flags and Memorabilia

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Although the World Cup and Wimbledon have drawn to a close, there are many more sporting, local and international events taking place for viewers and spectators to get behind. Although we specialise in printed products for exhibitions and business marketing solutions, at AB Print we are very versatile. This means that we are also able to design and manufacture products for events such as festivals, graduations, sporting competitions, and charity events; a common product we design for events such as this are flags.

Wimbledon and the World Cup have provided plenty of opportunity for fans around the world to get behind their favourite players, teams and nations and show their support. One way in which this is done is through carrying national or symbolic flags, which is a skill we are more than comfortable in carrying out.

In addition to this, many festivals up and down the country may require promotional flags and to help signpost the facilities or bar areas. With the ability to produce a wide selection of flags and hardware, we also work with businesses to create flags for office use, for example, desktop flags which are sublimation printed straight onto fabric and built with a lightweight but sturdy frame so that they can sit on desks.

The August Bank Holiday is host to many events in West Yorkshire where festival-goers may want to invest in banners to support their artists, or flags to represent the city they are from. Additionally, the new 2018/19 football season is set to begin in August, so many football fans will be wanting to get their memorabilia sorted before the first match of the season.

Based in Batley, West Yorkshire, AB Print take joy in manufacturing and supplying customers throughout the region with customised printed products using our state of the art machinery. If you would like to learn more about how we design our flags and whether we can tailor them to your needs, then please send us an email at Alternatively, you can give us a call on 01924 473481.


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