Why Consistent Branding is Important

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Creating a recognisable brand is one of the most important aspects of business. Your branding is how consumers pick you out of a crowd, so it needs to be consistent. Separating yourself from your competitors with high-quality branding methods and design will help generate success.

Your branding should always represent your business’s core values and unique selling points. This will showcase your individuality and the dedication you have to your company, and therefore your clients. Branding is also a great way to drive authority and trust for your business – your customers will appreciate consistency.

So, how can you create branding that represents your company identity but is also consistent?

  • Colours – Carefully consider your colour choice. Choosing colours can be fun, however they need to be practical and suit the professionalism of your industry. Ensure that the colours you choose suit everything from website design, to flyers and business cards. Having different colours for each campaign can lead to confusion for customers – pick a colour that suits you and your business and stick with it.
  • Logos & Fonts – Although fun to design and create, logos, like colours, need to be practical. Consider whether or not the logo will work on your brochures, as well as online. Simplicity is the key with fonts too – bombarding a logo or poster full of overcomplicated text can be overpowering. Ditch the fancy fonts and keep it simple.
  • Be creative – One of the most popular ways to gain brand recognition is through creativity. Just because your branding has to be consistent, doesn’t mean it needs to be boring. You can choose any designs, trends and colours you desire – there’s hundreds of choices!

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