AB Print help revamp Wakefield Trinity Superstore

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Like a top-class rugby player, at AB Print we pride ourselves on our winning blend of experience, hard work and quality. So, when Wakefield Trinity got in touch recently requesting that we help give their fan store an eye-catching visual overhaul, we couldn’t wait to get stuck in.

Teaming our printing knowledge and expertise with their proud history, the Wakefield Trinity Superstore in Wakefield’s Ridings Centre is now home to a wide range of our bespoke prints and graphics. Take a look at the images below to see how it turned out:

The club crest, redesigned last year, features prominently, as do large vinyl prints of the team’s players and fans in the thick of the action. The newly-refurbished store features a variety of digitally-printed floor, wall and desk graphics in the club’s traditional red, white and blue colours   – all developed and produced in-house by the AB Print team using our specialist equipment.

Formed in 1873, Wakefield Trinity are one of the 22 clubs involved in the initial founding of rugby league in 1895. A 7th place finish in this year’s Betfred Super League means Trinity will compete at the highest level again next year. Of course, a new season means new kits, and AB Print are proud to be helping to design the window display for the unveiling of next season’s                                                                                                                 strips. Keep your eyes peeled!

AB Print’s suite of top-of-the-range equipment means that we can print anything you like, and our all-in-one service ensures that you get the best value for money possible. With our litho printing, digital printing, screen printing and comprehensive print finishing services, no job is too big or too small.

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Happy 35th Birthday to Wakefield’s Ridings Shopping Centre

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It’s always an honour to be given the chance to work with some of Wakefield and West Yorkshire’s major amenities, helping them gain exposure through print.

On October 17th, one of Wakefield’s most iconic landmarks celebrated 35 years of trade; in 1983 the Ridings Centre officially opened. To help celebrate this historic achievement, AB Print were called upon to help design some print materials to showcase in their interactive exhibition.

Titled, “The Ridings at 35: Past, Present & Future”, the display featured the original miniature model of the Ridings Centre.

We helped produce the material for the printed displays included in the exhibition, which featured some significant and nostalgic moments of the Ridings Centre’s history. It can be found at the upper floor of the shopping centre and will still be available until the 27th of October, so make sure to head down as soon as possible before it ends.


As previously mentioned, we took great joy in working with Wakefield’s Ridings Centre towards their 35th anniversary. It also gave us the chance to demonstrate our expertise when it comes to designing exhibitions for local clients in Wakefield.

Our services aren’t limited to events and exhibitions however, as our highly experienced team can complete print projects for a variety of purposes and products. From business cards to stationery printing, you can learn more about our services here.

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3 Tips for Preparing your Brand for Christmas

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With a dramatic increase in consumer spend over the Christmas period, it’s no wonder retailers strive to create the most extravagant Christmas themed branding in order to attract customers. However, incorporating a festive touch into any business can be beneficial.

Christmas is a time of year that many people enjoy, so creating Christmas themed materials, such as personalised cards are a great way to gain extra exposure as well as an opportunity to give something back to your clients.

Not only is it an excellent time of year to get creative with colours, designs and finishes for your branding and merchandise – it’s a chance to really stand out in your area and at networking events. To help you fully utilise the festive season for your branding, we’ve put together a few tips to inspire your creativity!

  1. Personalisation – When creating Christmas cards, brochures or flyers, it’s important you give your designs some character. Your clients will appreciate the personal thought put into your designs, plus using a basic template could come across as dull or boring. If your company is creative, it’s crucial you place some personality into your Christmas branding to represent your team.
  2. Make it different – Personalisation can be unique, however there are a few other additions you can incorporate to make your Christmas branding stand out. For example, AB Print offer a range of printing finishes, including glow in the dark and everyone’s favourite, scratch n’ sniff. These are fantastic opportunities to bring some life to your cards and designs. Why not consider a Christmassy scent, such as cinnamon or gingerbread? You could even get really creative and choose twelve… “The 12 Scents of Christmas!”
  3. Quirky Messages – Finally on our list is a fun and quirky message. Christmas cards are renowned for silly jokes and puns, which is why creating one that’s personal to your brand is a fantastic way to show your fun side. Brainstorm around the office to see who can come up with the best business-related pun. You can then use this across your brand, such as on social media, your website, on flyers and in cards.

Christmas cards

AB Print specialise in a range of finishes and printing services, suitable for the most unique and bespoke designs. If you’ve got a Christmas project for us, get in touch today on 01924 473481 or email us at



How Can Branded Stationery Benefit My Business?

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When it comes to your business, branding is everything. Ensuring that you have an identifiable brand that reflects your company’s values is key. Your branding is how consumers recognise your business – failure to provide consistency can lead to confusion and an untrustworthy image.

branded stationery

It’s true that the little things really do count. Taking small steps with your branding such as featuring your logo on mugs or the walls of your office can really make a difference. Another effective way to promote your business is through branded stationery. Branding simple items such as pens will benefit your business in the following ways:

  1. Networking – Attending networking events or exhibitions is a great way to gain exposure for your business. You’re not only meeting potential clients, but by handing out free items such as pens, notebooks and mugs, you’re providing potential prospects or clients with something material that they can remember you by. Plus…who doesn’t love a free pen?
  2. Inexpensive – Using extravagant marketing strategies such as billboards, vehicle livery and branded uniforms can be expensive. Stationery is an effective and low-cost way of putting your business’s name out there.
  3. Professionalism – Like we said before, the little things really do count. In order to attract and retain customers, you must build trust. The efforts you go to for your business will not only show dedication but pride too. Demonstrating how passionate you are about your business through small branding tools will also separate you from your competitors.

branded stationery

Based in West Yorkshire, AB Print specialise in a variety of printing services, from branded stationery, business cards, all the way to exhibition stands.

branded stationery

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