Colours don’t match? Colours don’t look like I expected? …

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It’s not something our clients need to be concerned about but we are amazed how often these questions are raised when we are called upon to advise new clients, sadly all too often after they have experienced these issues elsewhere.

To alleviate or understand some of these problems in relation to colour, here are a few pointers:

The Science First!
Our eyes can see a huge range of colours, bigger than any range that can be replicated by monitors, screens or printed items – let’s call this the colour space.

Colour spaces in perspective:


Our eyes can see a huge colour space, for now let’s visualise this as a child’s bouncy hopper ball.
Your standard screen or monitor can replicate colour, for now let’s visualise this as a basket ball.
Many forms of digital print are capable of reproducing colour, for now let’s visualise this as a football.
Traditional litho print can reproduce colour that for now, let’s visualise as a netball.

In short, it’s generally not possible to display all the colours your eye can see when producing printed images.

Where colour is critical, then managing expectation from the start and giving advice on the best way to maximise the effects of these differences is what can set your supplier apart.

Controlled management of the way colour is moved between the colour spaces for different devices is key, combine this with an internationally recognised colour space and you will maintain consistency in all types of print.

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Merchandise to Make Christmas Memorable

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The season is finally upon us once again. With festivities almost in full swing, many of us will be embracing the Christmas spirit by thinking of gifts we can send to one another. Whether as part of a Secret Santa present, or as a gesture of goodwill to a client, plenty of businesses across the UK also contact AB Print to help design Christmas cards around this time of year.

There are plenty of options available when it comes to Christmas card design. As a result, AB Print have listed some of the ways in which you can have your Christmas merchandise customised:

Company Personalisation and Branding

Your Christmas cards can be perchristmas cardssonalised to coincide with the identity of your business. For example, let’s say you’re a local bakery and want your very own hot cross buns on the front of cards you are sending out. Using high resolution images of your buns, our print specialists can place that image on the front of your Christmas cards.

Along with your logo, this provides a personal touch combined with the theme of Christmas that your friends, family, customers and colleagues can enjoy.



Bespoke and Specialist Finishing

                                                                                                 christmas print

Specialist print finishing options that businesses have include holographic, scratch and sniff, embossed and pop-out cards. 

These bespoke finishes can give an imaginative edge in comparison to traditional cards found in the supermarket. Christmas cards provide plenty of room for creativity, an opportunity which AB Print grasp by the antlers.




Other memorabilia

In addition to Christmas cards, AB Print specialise in printing the following:

  • Posters
  • Banners
  • Signage
  • Calendars


All of which can help promote your festive events and Christmas parties. The above customisations in branding, personalisation and finishing can also be added to create high quality Christmas merchandise.





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Uses for Branded Merchandise and Stationery

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Branded stationery can come in the form of more than just pencils and pens.

From quirky paperweights to professional business cards, they have their uses inside and outside of the office. Through our decades of providing lithographic, digital and screen-printing services for clients throughout Wakefield and West Yorkshire, AB Print have provided some handy uses of branded stationery for businesses. 

Event Promotion:

Got an important exhibition, conference or event coming up? Branded stationery are great freebies to hand to your prospective clients and visitors who may be passing your stalls. Opportunities to use specialist print materials such as glow in the dark business cards or scratch and sniff flyers could also help you stand out amongst other exhibitors.

Sponsorship and Partnerships:

Working together with other local businesses in Yorkshire provides an invaluable opportunity to publicise your partnership through commercial materials such as a leaflet holder or desk tidy. Merchandise such as mouse mats and mugs are great for placing your company name alongside a sister company, charity, or subsidiary. Again, these can be handed out at exhibitions or maybe you could just save them for your favourite clients.

Adding Personality to the Workplace:

Offices are usually littered with stationery and random merchandise. Business card holders, biscuit tins, laptop bags and more. Commercial printing offers so many options that can bring personality and vibrancy to these products.

Perhaps you are a start-up business and want an embossed logo on your leather laptop cases to add professionalism. Or you are well established and want to bring organisation to your notepads through company branding.

Whether promoting an event, spreading a public partnership, or giving your workplace a voice, branded stationery can be a subtle way of achieving this.

As mentioned, AB provide various types of printing to clients throughout Yorkshire. To stay up to date with us, you can follow us on Twitter. Alternatively, for any enquiries, make sure you get them in soon before the Christmas and New Year rush. Call 01924 473481 or drop us an email at:…

Print Explosively this November

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With the passing of Halloween, the Autumnal festivities are now well underway. Bonfire night and Christmas markets are two popular events November is known for, bringing together families and communities throughout the country.

From firework displays in Leeds to Christmas markets in York, public spaces are bound to be packed with people of all ages. Small and medium sized businesses in Leeds, Wakefield or Huddersfield that are setting up their stalls at these events can make the most of the populated areas through featuring attractive displays of their own.

Here, AB Print have listed three ways that businesses could go all out, to attract people to their stalls and gain more business in the future:

  1. Banners

Through eye-catching and well-designed banners above and around your stall, you could be more likely to entice people to engage with the products and services you have on offer. Whether you are selling candy floss or candles, personalised signage can help you stand out amongst your competitors.

  1. Stationery and branded merchandise

Having your stall set up in a highly populated space means that your products or services become exposed to a huge number of people. You could even provide some freebies or giveaways with themed designs. Products such as pens and other stationery are easily branded with the litho-printing and print finishing capabilities at AB Print.

  1. Interactive materials

Events such as Bonfire Night provide a bespoke opportunity to get creative with your stalls and the materials you have on show. Below is a list of the additional methods of using lithographic, digital or screen-printing to market your services:

  • Scratch and sniff printing
  • Glow in the dark printing
  • Embossed and debossed materials (t shirts, business cards, flyers)
  • Scratch card printing

christmas market

If you would like more advice on how best to use printing services to promote your business throughout the Autumn/Winter period, be sure to contact AB Print on 01924 473481. We have an extensive history of serving clients across the whole of Yorkshire, in towns and cities such as Huddersfield, Leeds, Wakefield and Bradford. You can also contact us by email at…