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It’s not something our clients need to be concerned about but we are amazed how often these questions are raised when we are called upon to advise new clients, sadly all too often after they have experienced these issues elsewhere.

To alleviate or understand some of these problems in relation to colour, here are a few pointers:

The Science First!
Our eyes can see a huge range of colours, bigger than any range that can be replicated by monitors, screens or printed items – let’s call this the colour space.

Colour spaces in perspective:


Our eyes can see a huge colour space, for now let’s visualise this as a child’s bouncy hopper ball.
Your standard screen or monitor can replicate colour, for now let’s visualise this as a basket ball.
Many forms of digital print are capable of reproducing colour, for now let’s visualise this as a football.
Traditional litho print can reproduce colour that for now, let’s visualise as a netball.

In short, it’s generally not possible to display all the colours your eye can see when producing printed images.

Where colour is critical, then managing expectation from the start and giving advice on the best way to maximise the effects of these differences is what can set your supplier apart.

Controlled management of the way colour is moved between the colour spaces for different devices is key, combine this with an internationally recognised colour space and you will maintain consistency in all types of print.

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