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We’re very excited to announce the addition of our newest machine! A Komori H-UV L Lithographic Press.  At AB Print we believe our ability to print everything in-house makes us stand out. This means we are committed to continually investing in the latest technology, enhancing our customer experience and creating even higher quality products.

Traditional lithography is a method of printing that has been around since the mid 20th Century. The process involves producing a plate with the image you would like to print on it and covering it in ink. The desired material for printing is then placed against the plate. Conventional inks dried as they were absorbed onto the material and then oxidised in the air, but often infra-red lamps or chemicals that were added to the ink were used to dry the printing quicker.

The Komori H-UV System uses an ultra-violet lamp to cure ink that is sensitive to UV. The same method, of using a plate and pressing this onto materials, still applies. However, the inks that use UV lithography are dried as soon as they come into contact with the UV lamp, meaning the print comes straight off the machine dry. This cuts down turnaround times for printing jobs considerably, but also preserves the colour and details of the design much better.

Choosing this particular model of lithographic highlights our continued efforts to offset our impact on the environment. The machine has an efficient power saving LED lamp that does not require time to heat up and can be turned off in an instant which has hugely reduced our energy consumption.

lithographic printsThe greatest advantage to this new piece of equipment is that we have the ability to print on a wide range of materials. Standard lithographic inks require a semi-permeable surface for the inks to sink in to. However, UV litho inks can adhere to different types of non-permeable surfaces. So far, we have had beautiful results with all kinds of plastics, including polypropylene up to 0.8cm thick. Take a look at some marvellous folders we’ve printed on polypropylene, and how we’ve combined plastic with paper to create a dramatic looking brochure.

lithographic printing lithographic printer 2 

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