Why you should invest in print marketing in 2020

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Nowadays, there are so many ways for businesses to market themselves and their services. Digital, internet-based developments such as social media have transformed the way that companies connect with their audiences, but they’re not necessarily the be all and end all. Used correctly, print marketing can be a huge help in enhancing the reach and strength of your brand. Here are just a few of the reasons why you should consider investing in print marketing in 2020:

It commands attention

The tangibility of print marketing is one of its greatest strengths. Physical items that people can read or hold are more likely to gain and hold their attention than an email or social media post that they may take one glance at and then dismiss.

It’s long-lasting

In a similar vein, print marketing materials can continue to serve a purpose long past their date of issue. See, for example, the personalised travel mugs and pens we produced for Tailor Made Sourcing – helpful, durable products that will see regular use and therefore continue to strengthen the identity of the brand.

It’s flexible

Digital marketing algorithms can be tweaked to target certain demographics, but print marketing gives you a greater degree of flexibility. For instance, handing out business cards or posting leaflets allows you to directly determine who receives your message in a way that digital marketing perhaps can’t.

If you’d like to find out more about the benefits of print marketing, or if you’re already sold and just want to know where to start, AB Print can help! Thanks to our suite of printing technology and specialist printing capabilities, we offer a comprehensive range of creative branding solutions all from under one roof. To find out more, contact us by calling 01924 473481 or emailing enquiries@abprintgroup.com.

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