What do the Latest Lockdown Relaxations Mean for Businesses?

Posted On June 25, 2020 By

June 23rd saw the latest Government announcement regarding the next steps to relax lockdown rules and allow businesses to reopen. The news comes following the reopening of non-essential retailers earlier in June.

The 1m+ rule

While larger retail stores have been able to adhere to the 2m social distancing guidelines, it has been thought for some time that this will not be practical for hospitality businesses. The new guidance will allow for bars and restaurants to reopen from July 4th with a recommended ‘1m+’ rule where staying 2m apart is not possible.

Other businesses can reopen

Along with bars, cafes and restaurants, other hospitality establishments including hotels and campsites will be able to take bookings again providing that no more than two households stay together. A lot of leisure and tourist facilities can also take steps to reopen such as cinemas and museums.

Close proximity businesses to remain closed

While this announcement brings good news for many businesses, there are some who are not yet permitted to reopen including spas, gyms, swimming pools, nail bars and tattoo parlours. It’s expected that further guidance will follow to allow close proximity businesses to reopen as soon as possible.

What do businesses need to do now?

Even if you run a business that it is not yet safe to open to customers, steps are being taken to allow this to happen. As we saw when retailers opened their doors again, life after COVID-19 won’t just go back to normal and we will need to adapt to protect staff and customers.

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3 Things You Need to Know About Business Cards

Posted On June 12, 2020 By

Business cards have been used for traditional networking and marketing purposes for many years. Along with other print materials and commercial stationery, a business card is often the first thing a potential customer will see, so it’s essential to make the right first impression.

Read our guide to three things you need to know about business cards.

Business cards are still relevant

Digital marketing plays a huge part in maintaining client relationships, but it’s not so effective when it comes to securing new business deals. Even if you don’t use business cards as a sales tool, it’s still an expected convention in various business situations to pull out a business card. What if someone offers you their card and you don’t have one to give them in return?

Business cards can be creative

All business cards are plain, regular rectangle shaped, right? Not when you come to AB Print! We take time to understand your requirements and make sure the design and layout works for you with creative options including rounded corners, embossing and foil blocking.

Business cards represent your brand

Just like digital and print marketing, you might have brand guidelines to follow. The recipients of your business cards should feel like they’re holding a part of your brand so it needs to represent you. If you’re starting up a new business or going through a rebrand, establishing the look and feel of your business cards can help with the rest of your branding too.

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How Retailers Can Reopen Shops Safely During Coronavirus

Posted On June 11, 2020 By

With the government guidance that shops previously deemed ‘non-essential’ can start reopening from June 15th, there is still a lot to consider to ensure retailers are operating safely and sticking to the new guidance for shops during coronavirus

The announcement comes as good news for the thousands of shops and retailers forced to shut their doors to customers and furlough staff, but it also carries a level of concern that reopening does not mean things can simply go back to normal.

Retail staff going back to work and customers to stores will want to know how their safety is being considered and what shops are doing to overcome the challenges.

Hand washing and sanitising

It’s now the norm to carry hand sanitizer everywhere but having these facilities available on your premises will encourage people to use them when they enter and leave the store. Hand washing facilities should be available for staff, but you can also educate your customers and help keep them safe with sanitisation and information stations.

Social distancing

Keeping 2m apart is still an important measure we need to follow, and retailers can help customers with this by spacing out floor graphics and direction arrows to ensure the safe flow of pedestrian traffic around the store.

Limited access

While queuing outside supermarkets is now a normal practice, the procedure in other retail environments may be more confusing for customers. To help keep everyone safe, stores can limit the number of people allowed to shop inside at any one time and close off access to areas that are not in use for safety reasons. Clothing stores choosing to restrict access to changing rooms, for example, could use restriction cones to close off the area and wall and ceiling banners to display useful information for customers.

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed life for all of us and there will be new challenges ahead as we emerge from lockdown. Here at AB Print Group, we are committed to helping businesses overcome these challenges whilst following the government guidelines to keep our team safe as we continue to work. Please get in touch with us here or call 01924 473481 to see how we can help you.…