AB Print assist Yorkshire Cancer Research with fundraising efforts

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Keen to help charities wherever possible, AB Print were thrilled when approached to help a local fundraising group who were hoping to raise vital funds for the region’s independent cancer charity. 

Huddersfield Volunteer Group create recipe book for Charity

The Huddersfield based Volunteer Group had previously seen great success with their first publication of ‘That was Delicious’, but with it having been thirty years since that release, they thought it the perfect time to create a brand-new book.

AB Print were asked to produce this new recipe book, which is a follow-on from the first book, called ‘That was Delicious – a Second Helping!’. The book is filled with over 50 recipes from all the volunteers, their families and their friends. The group were looking for a company who could create quality which would be second-to-none, therefore highlighting the illustrations by Linda Downs, a Kirkburton based artist.  

When asked what prompted the release of the second cookbook, Jane Dutton, Chairman of the Huddersfield Volunteer Group said, “It was always our intention to produce a second recipe book, but it took the weeks and months of lockdown to spur us into action.

We are delighted to launch ‘That was Delicious – a Second Helping!’ and all money raised from the sale of our books will help to improve the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of cancer right across Yorkshire.”

If you know someone who is a keen cook or baker, that would love to get their hands on some family recipes, you can buy a copy of the book here on the Yorkshire Cancer Research website. Dependant on COVID restrictions, you may also be able to grab a copy at the charity shops in Knaresborough, Northallerton and Tadcaster. Alternatively, you can order a book directly from the volunteer group at 01423 501 269.…

AB Print work with the Air Ambulance Service

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After having seen the success that AB Print have had with Christmas printing services in the past, we were delighted when The Air Ambulance Service approached us for assistance on their 2020 Christmas Campaign.


The Air Ambulance Service were in need of Advent posters, which would be used to advertise their shops were (hopefully) soon to be open for business! Having designs at the ready and with sign off from their team, we went into production with the posters as soon as the news broke that shops could reopen on 2nd  December.   

During production, we printed A1 posters, A3 and A5 strut boards, all with silver latex over the message for added effect and also printed the all-important number on top of the latex too. On the long-awaited day, Wednesday 2nd, each charity shop had its own package delivered to them, ready and festive for the re-opening.

Throughout the process, AB Print worked with Abby Davies, who is the Brand Manager of the Air Ambulance Service. When receiving a package herself, Abby got in touch to say, “It looks brilliant, I’m so impressed with how they’ve turned out – so thank you so much!”.

If you’re looking for some Christmas cards or stocking fillers this year, and would like to donate to this worthwhile cause at the same time, you can browse their online shop here.…

Supporting the Motor Neurone Disease Association

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Here at AB Print, we love Christmas, as it gives us a chance to give back to charity and provides us with the opportunity to show off some of our greatest printing services.

We’re delighted to have recently had the opportunity to support the Motor Neurone Disease Association, helping them to create and print a limited edition set of Christmas cards inspired by ex Leeds Rhinos player Rob Burrow and the Leeds Rhinos Foundation.

The exclusive set of four cards pictured, were drawn by Robs three children Macy aged 8, Maya aged 5 and 1 year old Jackson Burrow. An initial batch of 1,000 of the cards sold out within hours of being released on the MNDA website. Lifetime supporter of Leeds Rhinos and owner of AB Print Alan Williamson, recognising the popularity and demand for the cards, donated a further 1,000 sets to help boost the fund raising activity on behalf of the charity.

Everyone at AB print wish Rob, his family and colleagues every success in their future fundraising activities. …

Creating calendars for Yorkshire Down Syndrome Group

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We do what we can throughout the year to work with companies that accomplish great work, so when charities come to us looking for advice on how to help create awareness and there is an opportunity for us to help, we will always do what we can. Regardless of what the end-product may be, we always find it a huge pleasure to be asked, whether locally or nationally.

Following their great success with the 2019 calendar, we were delighted to once again be invited by the Yorkshire Down Syndrome Group to help design their 2020 calendar. Designing a bespoke product for a client is always made easier when we are provided with such great content. The charity is a group based in Batley, and supports those with Down Syndrome, their families and carers by holding fortnightly meetings.

When asked why the charity chose to work with our company again, Clare Ellarby, one of the founding members of the group stated that “The team at AB Print are so enthusiastic and always offer great advice, helping us turn our ideas into reality”.

On each page of the calendar there are incredible and inspiring images, making the calendar completely unique, which is a fantastic selling point. The new release has been a huge success in helping to raising funds for the group. Believe it or not, after the great outcome of 2019 to 2020, our team here are already looking forward to starting work on next years’ edition, as well as a range of promotional products and clothing all produced in-house.

If you work with, or know a charity that is in need of some promotional material or printing, please do get in touch and we’d be more than happy to assist.…

I’m dreaming of a green Christmas

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Supermarket giants vow to ban glitter

Asda, Tesco & Sainsbury’s are just a few of the biggest retailers who have recently made the decision to remove all glitter from their Christmas ranges, helping to prevent the long-term effects on the environment.

Glitter is popular for celebrations all year round, but Christmas is when it really has its time to shine, with decorations, cards and baubles all coming to life, all covered in glitter.

The problem with plastic

The problem with this however, is the long-term effects that single-use plastics have on our ecosystem. Over 11 million tonnes of plastic waste end up in our oceans each year, which then break down slowly over time, making it easily ingestible for wildlife, leaving them with harmful and sometimes even fatal consequences.

Glitter is made from thousands of tiny pieces of plastic which take thousands of years to degrade. Once the plastic has been disposed of, it often ends up in landfill, but can sometimes end up dispersed across land, rivers and in our oceans. This has a negative impact on both the environment and the wildlife within it.  Just one small piece of plastic can have a huge effect, as once it has found its way into the atmosphere, it can then harm wildlife and in some cases, even reach our food chain.

Supermarkets go sustainable

Asda have announced their first sustainable Christmas range, with Tesco only using edible glitter and Sainsbury’s also removing glitter from their shelves.

Morisons, Waitrose & John Lewis are also no longer using glitter in their own-brand Christmas products, preventing the use of single-use products wherever possible. Morrison’s are further showing their commitment to long-term sustainability, cutting over 50 tonnes of plastic from their shelves, through changes to packaging of cards and decorations, ensuring they are widely recyclable.

Their own-brand cards, crackers, wrapping paper, present bags, flowers, plants and wreaths will all be 100% glitter-free, as they do what they can to ensure that our environment is in a better position for years to come. The company is also extending their sustainable approach to non-seasonal lines, using soluble inks, foil and paper reliefs on their FSC-certified celebratory cards, wrap and gift bags.

Director of Morrisons home, Christine Bryce, stated “We’ve taken glitter and plastic out of our festive range this year so that our customers can enjoy their festivities without worrying about the environmental impact.”

The toys in their crackers will also be made from metal, paper or wood, rather than plastic, as these materials are easier to recycle and have a lesser impact on the environment. “Every time a cracker is pulled, or a card is opened, plastics have been used…but just the once” states Bryce, which when disposed of, can harm our natural world, something which many brands are now trying to prevent wherever possible.

The eco-friendly alternative

If you are conscious of your carbon footprint and looking for an eco-friendlier solution this Christmas, we offer bespoke, personalised printing which will be creative and kind to the environment.

Alternatively, if you are looking for corporate calendars, diaries, cards or have any other printing needs, we are always happy to chat, finding a solution to suit you. Give us a call on 01924 473481 or email us at…