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Supermarket giants vow to ban glitter

Asda, Tesco & Sainsbury’s are just a few of the biggest retailers who have recently made the decision to remove all glitter from their Christmas ranges, helping to prevent the long-term effects on the environment.

Glitter is popular for celebrations all year round, but Christmas is when it really has its time to shine, with decorations, cards and baubles all coming to life, all covered in glitter.

The problem with plastic

The problem with this however, is the long-term effects that single-use plastics have on our ecosystem. Over 11 million tonnes of plastic waste end up in our oceans each year, which then break down slowly over time, making it easily ingestible for wildlife, leaving them with harmful and sometimes even fatal consequences.

Glitter is made from thousands of tiny pieces of plastic which take thousands of years to degrade. Once the plastic has been disposed of, it often ends up in landfill, but can sometimes end up dispersed across land, rivers and in our oceans. This has a negative impact on both the environment and the wildlife within it.  Just one small piece of plastic can have a huge effect, as once it has found its way into the atmosphere, it can then harm wildlife and in some cases, even reach our food chain.

Supermarkets go sustainable

Asda have announced their first sustainable Christmas range, with Tesco only using edible glitter and Sainsbury’s also removing glitter from their shelves.

Morisons, Waitrose & John Lewis are also no longer using glitter in their own-brand Christmas products, preventing the use of single-use products wherever possible. Morrison’s are further showing their commitment to long-term sustainability, cutting over 50 tonnes of plastic from their shelves, through changes to packaging of cards and decorations, ensuring they are widely recyclable.

Their own-brand cards, crackers, wrapping paper, present bags, flowers, plants and wreaths will all be 100% glitter-free, as they do what they can to ensure that our environment is in a better position for years to come. The company is also extending their sustainable approach to non-seasonal lines, using soluble inks, foil and paper reliefs on their FSC-certified celebratory cards, wrap and gift bags.

Director of Morrisons home, Christine Bryce, stated “We’ve taken glitter and plastic out of our festive range this year so that our customers can enjoy their festivities without worrying about the environmental impact.”

The toys in their crackers will also be made from metal, paper or wood, rather than plastic, as these materials are easier to recycle and have a lesser impact on the environment. “Every time a cracker is pulled, or a card is opened, plastics have been used…but just the once” states Bryce, which when disposed of, can harm our natural world, something which many brands are now trying to prevent wherever possible.

The eco-friendly alternative

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