Creating the Right First Impression

Posted On January 25, 2021 By

Branding is a vital element of any business and the more exposure you can provide for your company the better. Your brand visibility can be increased through marketing materials, packaging, merchandise, printed handouts and more. One instantly successful way to increase your visibility which is often overlooked is branded workwear.


Through a variety of bespoke embroidery and garment printing techniques we can ensure a high-quality product that will work for your business, regardless of sector. Branded workwear doesn’t have to be exclusively for large companies, in fact, for smaller businesses it is the perfect way to spread the word, having employees on the ground representing your brand and increasing credibility. This is the ideal solution for when you have new members of staff starting with your company.


Here at AB Print we are incredibly proud to offer a seamless process, which is fast, easy and stress-free. We are well experienced and well trusted within the industry, meaning that whether it be promotional, event clothing, or more specialised workwear, we are able to help.


All products are created by a highly experienced team who are able to use the latest technology to creatively bring your brand logo, colours and feel to the clothing, mixing and matching styles to create an impactful solution.



Even our more practical options are still stylish, as we work with premier brands such as Helly Hansen and Portwest for our Hi-Vis products which are both safe and practical. These options help you reflect your business far and wide, keeping your staff safe and your audience engaged.


If you are looking for a variety of branded clothing, we are more than able to cater for your needs, as we have a continuity of supply on our full range of workwear, from fleeces, polo shirts, trousers, jackets and sweatshirts. All of these options are robust and hard wearing which is practical for everyday use, meaning they can be worn with comfort and confidence.


If branded clothing is new to your company but you feel it would be something worth investing in to get you noticed, our team are always on hand to offer advice and guidance as to how best to maximise your presence. Whether you are looking for event merchandise, exhibition wear or uniforms, we’re here for you whatever.…

Packaging – The key to enhancing your brand

Posted On January 22, 2021 By

Helping our clients present themselves in a way which sets them apart from the rest has always been at the heart of what we do here at AB Print. We are able to let our clients shine in a variety of ways, as all of our services are designed to bring out their best through high quality print design.

All of our packaging is created in-house and can be designed especially for you, whether it be presentation packaging or boxes, our manufacturing process means we can create bespoke solutions.

Here at AB Print, we are lucky enough to have a wide range of machinery which is capable of digital, wide format, HUV litho and screen printing, allowing us to supply clients with large volumes of product or a limited number of goods. After having decided on initial designs, you may then want to add one of our specialist print finishes or decorative coatings, whether it be lamination, spot UV, foil blocking or embossing.

Along with our array of finishing options, we also have an in-house team who can work with you directly to create new design ideas based on your needs and suggestions. We are also more than happy to provide suggestions as to what might work best for your packaging and are also able to work from previous boxes or designs that you may have liked, informing you of the processes that have been used and then recreate them ourselves.

We also now offer low migrating inks which are designed especially for use on secondary food packaging. Selected components are used to ensure that the process is in line with official limits and that it remains safe.

Packaging is a crucial element in any manufacturing process, so it is important that you get it right and pack a punch in the design and presentation. If you would like to get in touch with one of our team to throw around some possibilities for your 2021 requirements, then give us a call on 01924 473481 or email us at…

Antibacterial Printing Services

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At AB Print Group, we’re always on the lookout for new print processes and services that will enhance our products and customer offerings. In 2021, we know that one major concern when it comes to getting your new corporate brochures and literature printed is how you can prevent the spread of bacteria.

We aim to make sure you can still share your marketing messages effectively without compromising on quality and whilst still staying safe and protecting your staff and customers. That’s why we’re incorporating our innovative antibacterial and antimicrobial print processes to create your new 2021 print marketing literature.

antibacterial print services

Antimicrobial spot UV printing

Biomaster is proven to limit the spread of bacteria, adding an anti-microbial spot UV finish to your print materials whilst enhancing the design quality and adding that superior finish. Biomaster doesn’t affect the quality of the print product, meaning you can still get the desired impact with your corporate brochures and print media with an added line of defense against harmful bacteria.

AB Group_New Biomaster A4 Eshot_2.png

Antibacterial laminate printing

If you’re looking for a matt or gloss laminate finish for your print marketing, we can now add an antibacterial litho print sealer, ideal for adding that extra infection barrier to your brochures and presentation folders for the intended lifetime of the product whilst still retaining excellent print clarity and product durability.

AB Group_New Biomaster A4 Eshot_1.png

Antimicrobial sealant

Our Antimicrobial sealant can be applied to all types of paper and board, meaning you can be confident that every page of your brochure is protected and scientifically proven to reduce the spread of germs by 99.9%

If you’re not sure which antibacterial print service you need, please get in touch with the team at AB Print for further information and advice on your 2021 print requirements.…