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Another Personalised Project Completed for Steeper

March 21, 2019 9:31 am Published by Leave your thoughts

Our team take pride in maintaining strong relationships with clients which is why we are often contacted to carry out repeat projects. This was the case in a recent project we completed for prosthetics, orthotics and assistive technology group Steeper.

Over the years we have worked with Steeper on a variety of print projects. Some may remember a job we completed for them back in February, in which we designed and installed a Foamex sign with individual pockets for their head office in Leeds.

On this occasion, we were tasked with producing something a little bit different. This time round, our team had the joy of designing and installing frosted vinyl to cover sections of the glass windows of the Steeper offices.

The purpose of the frosted glass is to offer an element of privacy to the office, for situations such as client meetings. This is yet another example of the variation in services we offer to clients. Carrying out projects such as this where we install bespoke patterns is also something our team always enjoy!

Other specialist services we are able to carry out include PVC wall mounted displays, thermo, scent and touch sensitive printing, and more. If you would like to find out more about the specialist print services on offer at AB Print, contact us on 01924 473481 or email

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Using Print to Promote Packaging

March 15, 2019 2:09 pm Published by Leave your thoughts

Print is often the backbone of many traditional marketing campaigns for FMCG brands. Packaging can also be considered to be at the heart of the supply chain for the products manufactured by these brands. Companies who manufacture and supply essentials are reliant on print and packaging for the branding and wrapping of their products.

In a recent project, we had the opportunity to use our expert print skills to promote a packaging client. In doing so, we had the pleasure of working with one of the U.K.’s leading packaging manufacturers, National Flexible.

National Flexible specialise in the manufacturing of packaging films, trays and packets, mainly for FMCG food brands. Their impressive repertoire of clients has included Nestle, Aunt Bessie’s and Greggs.

They came to us in search of a specialist who could help them produce an exhibition stand as well as other promotional material for an event they were exhibiting at.

The project included re-wrapping their original stand with our newly produced wrap which can be seen in the image above. We were also tasked with producing some additional print-based marketing material which included brochures and promotional signage. The National Flexible display featured their prominent X which we created at our in-house facilities in Batley.

We thoroughly enjoyed working with a client who is also part of the print and packaging industry. Visit the National Flexible website if you would like to find out more about the packaging products they create.

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Heat Sensitive Printing at AB Print

March 11, 2019 2:38 pm Published by Leave your thoughts

In addition to the traditional methods of printing used to produce products such as brochures, magazines, leaflets and flyers, there are a variety of other specialist print services available to businesses, which our team are particularly known for.

One that we are going to cover in this piece is Heat Sensitive Printing, and some of the options you have when it comes to using it.

Heat sensitive printed materials are developed using thermochromic inks that at high opacity, can hide whatever is printed on the layer below. When a warm temperature is applied to the dye, it becomes translucent therefore revealing whatever is hidden underneath.

Options available when it comes to using heat sensitive printing can include:

Competitions and raffles:

An advantage of using thermochromic inks in print is that it can be repeatedly applied to a huge load. This means that versions of the same product can all have heat sensitive properties applied. Introducing it as a method of finding the winner to a competition you are running is an innovative way of using thermosensitive print.

Direct Mail, Flyers and Posters:

Applying thermal properties to flyers and posters is a creative way of making your company or services stand out. Especially if used in an imaginative way that ties in with your service. For example, a travel agent may use it on a series of postcards where when heat is applied, the hottest three locations this summer are revealed!

Business Cards:

Often at networking events, business cards are handed out left right and centre but many of them are no different to the next. At your next event, why not think outside the box and introduce a specialist print method such as thermosensitive printing to help increase the saliency of your business.

Here is an example of where AB Print have used cold and reveal inks for a client in the past:

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Uses for Branded Merchandise and Stationery

November 19, 2018 11:28 am Published by Leave your thoughts

Branded stationery can come in the form of more than just pencils and pens.

From quirky paperweights to professional business cards, they have their uses inside and outside of the office. Through our decades of providing lithographic, digital and screen-printing services for clients throughout Wakefield and West Yorkshire, AB Print have provided some handy uses of branded stationery for businesses. 

Event Promotion:

Got an important exhibition, conference or event coming up? Branded stationery are great freebies to hand to your prospective clients and visitors who may be passing your stalls. Opportunities to use specialist print materials such as glow in the dark business cards or scratch and sniff flyers could also help you stand out amongst other exhibitors.

Sponsorship and Partnerships:

Working together with other local businesses in Yorkshire provides an invaluable opportunity to publicise your partnership through commercial materials such as a leaflet holder or desk tidy. Merchandise such as mouse mats and mugs are great for placing your company name alongside a sister company, charity, or subsidiary. Again, these can be handed out at exhibitions or maybe you could just save them for your favourite clients.

Adding Personality to the Workplace:

Offices are usually littered with stationery and random merchandise. Business card holders, biscuit tins, laptop bags and more. Commercial printing offers so many options that can bring personality and vibrancy to these products.

Perhaps you are a start-up business and want an embossed logo on your leather laptop cases to add professionalism. Or you are well established and want to bring organisation to your notepads through company branding.

Whether promoting an event, spreading a public partnership, or giving your workplace a voice, branded stationery can be a subtle way of achieving this.

As mentioned, AB provide various types of printing to clients throughout Yorkshire. To stay up to date with us, you can follow us on Twitter. Alternatively, for any enquiries, make sure you get them in soon before the Christmas and New Year rush. Call 01924 473481 or drop us an email at:…

Pudsey 10K Run Results!

June 19, 2018 1:15 pm Published by Leave your thoughts

Last weekend was the Pudsey 10k charity run and a few of the team members here at AB Print are suffering from it now!

The charity event was held in aid of Marie Curie and Getaway Girls. You may recall an article we published in April about our involvement with the event – designing and printing the colourful leaflets used to spread awareness of this fantastic event. However, printing leaflets was not the only way in which our team got involved.

Three members of our team – Paul, Ian and James, undertook the challenge of running 10k to raise awareness for the charities Marie Curie and Getaway Girls, both of which help those in vulnerable places and stages in their lives.

Marie Curie is a well-established charity which provides hospice and nursing care to those with terminal illnesses.

Getaway Girls are a local charity who work with vulnerable young women to give them confidence and help them empower their lives. 

We’re always eager to participate in charitable events, as we truly believe in giving back and showing appreciation to our clients and our community. Our clients are the reason we continue to thrive as a company, meaning that we wouldn’t be here without them.

All the team here at AB Print are extremely proud of Paul, Ian and James who not only ran, but ran very well! Running a 10k is a fantastic achievement for anybody, but to hit it in the times mentioned below, and to do so while supporting such worthwhile causes, makes it extra special to us.   

To find out more about the Pudsey 10k, or how AB Print can help support your charity, give us a call today on 01924 473481.…

AB Print work with SF Leisure for Premium vodka brand

September 20, 2017 1:48 pm Published by Leave your thoughts

At AB Print we work with many exciting and high-profile clients with the aim of bringing their brands to life, and our latest project was no different. Working with SF Leisure, the UK’s leading supplier of night time and corporate event entertainment, we had the opportunity to create beautiful design and print work for the premium vodka brand, Cîroc.

Working with SF Leisure throughout the entire design process, beginning with concepts and ideas all the way through to the completed project, meant that this was an exciting project involving a lot of time and detail to ensure that this unique event, which took place last month, represented the Cîroc brand.

When it came to creating the entrance to the event, we produced a stencil to reflect the Cîroc branding which we used to create the white and blue carpet walkway. Alongside the walkway, we also helped shape and print the Cîroc wording and logos onto the burners. It was important to create an eye catching and stylish entrance finished to a high quality which we believe we successfully achieved alongside the team at SF Leisure.

Inside the event, one of the central features was the extravagant glitter ball. This was a unique concept which we designed and created, starting with cutting out the materials and inserting lights into the inside of the ball, as well as printing the curved panel inside the ball promoting the Cîroc brand. This was cleverly made to display the Cîroc vodka bottles, glasses, and ice, which added a special touch.

The inside of the venue was also lit up beautifully, and another unique feature which contributed to this were the Cîroc logo projections on the walls. These were also made by ourselves by CAD cutting a 25mm Perspex disc before printing the wording on to be used by the projector.

Finally, for behind the scenes storage, we printed the Cîroc logo onto the carry cases using CAD Cut Vinyl Printing, leaving a high quality and clean looking design alongside the consistent branding throughout the event.

To see more of the event, check out this Video!

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