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Our recent work with Fenwick and Sons

Posted On November 25, 2020 By

We are incredibly lucky to have recently worked with the well-known company, Fenwick & Sons. Fenwick were in need of some new packaging for their Traditional Range, which needed to be able to comfortably hold four bottles, each bottle needing a viewing window to display the company branding. The packaging needed to be easy to carry and hold the bottles in place once opened, keeping a good level of presentation, making it a perfect gift for friends or family. 

Showing off the name and brand within this packaging was particularly important as the company have a prominent influence in the industry, having been established since 1885. The company has a rich history, having begun when Mr. Thomas Fenwick began making soft drinks at a small plant on Roker Avenue, in Sunderland. Mr. Thomas was supplying to local shops and pubs during this time, using a similar sales model to Coca Cola and Pepsi Cola in the USA.

Most drinks sold at the time were well-known family favourites, such as lemonades, Ginger Ale & Soda Water. The North East in particular also had a penchant for Sarsaparilla and Dandelion & Burdock, which Fenwick saw as an opportunity, making their own products which became incredibly popular.

Back in the 1880’s there were no automatic filling machines, but as time and technology progressed, by 1900 the ‘Codd’ bottle was introduced, which used a marble in the bottle neck, leading the bottle pressure to force a seal. As the business was doing well, Fenwick’s moved to an old bakery premises within the grounds of the family home, an old Victorian ‘Villa’ in 1910. This later became the inspiration for the company trading name Villa Drinks.

Fast forward to the 1960s, and the now branded Villa Drinks began marketing their brands in the North East, often using TV advertising to increase awareness. The following two decades saw the company expand rapidly, requiring many factory extensions. Affectionately known as ‘Villa Pop’, the Fenwick’s’ family drinks were becoming a household name.

In 1982, Villa drinks was now that large it was relocated to a new purpose built 3.5-acre site in Southwick, Sunderland and started production in 1984. Later in 1990, the company marked another milestone, sinking its first borehole on the site so that spring water could be sourced locally.

During the 1990s and into the 2000s, the Fenwick brand name continued into new formats including large PET and glass. The glass format became one of the early drivers of craft soda in the UK. Since 2013, The Fenwick’s and Villa drinks brands have been owned & distributed by Drink Natural Ltd. The ranges are still made to a classic Fenwick’s recipe with no artificial preservatives, colours or sweeteners. Each drink has a beautiful balance of flavours, rich with history and authenticity. In 2020, the James Fenwick’s Mixers range was launched and is the latest addition to drinks range.…

We are hiring!

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We are looking to hire a Digital Press Operator to join our team of printing experts here at Batley based AB Print Group.

From litho printing to digital printing, from screen printing to specialist print finishing, we’ve invested heavily in plant and equipment over the years, backing up our commitment to control as much as possible under one roof.

We are looking for an operator to work shifts on our Kodak Nexpress, a market-leading digital printing press that forms part of our Small Format Digital Plant. 

We can provide full training if the candidate has the skills required and demonstrates a commitment to the amount of training needed.

Salary for the role is up to £25000 pa, including dd shift rate + o/t.

We are proud to be a company that is built on the skills, expertise and personalities of those who work here and believe this contributes to the excellent team atmosphere we have nurtured here at AB Print.

If you are interested in joining the team and want to find out more information about the role, do not hesitate to get in touch with Alan Goodall, Group Commercial Manager, on 01924 473 481.…

Print mail vs email

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In this digital age, communicating via email has become the norm. Businesses regularly send direct mail to market their services which can at times be added to the bottom of a long list of unopened emails. However, print is also a very popular medium for creating marketing materials and holds many benefits over email, making it easy to see why this long-established marketing tool is more than capable of keeping up with the times.


One of the key benefits of print mail is that it is more personal, creating a sense of individuality. Whilst emails are commonly sent in bulk to several people at once, print gives the impression of a tailor-made piece of communication making it memorable and more likely to be read.


We can look at the delivery of mail in two senses; the physical delivery and the delivery of the message. Although email is cheap and easy to send, sometimes it does not end up reaching the recipient because it is blocked or caught in spam filters. Emails can also be deleted with one click of a button, making them easily disposable. However print mail gets delivered and, because we are bombarded with emails on a daily basis, print mail has a more powerful presence. This also means that print mail often gets passed around for others to see.


As mentioned above, print mail is often addressed to individuals, making it more personable. On top of this, if designed well, print mail looks more appealing and of a higher quality than email. These features insinuate that time and money have gone into the creation of the mail which creates a greater sense of authenticity and trust between the sender and receiver.


Another reason print mail has remained a popular marketing material is because it has adapted to the times. By associating print mail with the use of technology, such as incorporating mobile interactive material and QR codes, print mail has become interactive with the online world.

Therefore, even though email is a useful communication tool for businesses, emails are in abundance, which suggests that the benefits of print mail make it a more effective communicator.

At AB Print, we specialise in printed advertising and marketing products. We offer a diverse range of printing services including litho printing, digital printing, screen printing and print finishing all under one roof. If you are interested in finding out more about any of our services, please do not hesitate to contact us on 01924 473 481 or email us at

Merry Christmas from AB Print!

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christmas-1912548__340The whole team at AB Print would like to wish all of our customers a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

AB Print Group offers litho printing, digital printing, screen printing, print finishing services and more. If your Dewsbury, Batley or Morley business would like some new branded calendars, business cards or brochures to head into the new year, then do not hesitate to get in contact.

You should be able to reach between Christmas and New Year, however we will be back in full force come January 3rdFor more information about our holiday opening times, or any of the services we can provide, then call us on 01924 473481.

Thank you from AB Print

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Christmas is only round the corner, so all of us at AB Print would like to thank everyone who has worked with AB Print over the year! Normally we try to get around to thanking you all in person, but inevitably miss people in the busy, party season. So this year we thought we would try something a little different!

We have decided to sponsor a gorgeous guide dog puppy that we can watch from 6 weeks old grow into a full qualified guide dog.

It is an amazing service to support and every puppy’s journey is different. With 24 months of training, each puppy will give freedom and independence to someone with sight loss.


The sweet puppy we have adopted is called Una. She is six weeks old in this picture and at the beginning of her journey to become a guide dog. She is a sweet puppy who loves running outside in the sunshine. Una is full of affection and loves cuddles too.

We are going to give you regular ‘Pupdates’ so we can all follow her amazing journey, with pictures and stories over the next 2 years. So from all of us at the AB Print Group, we would like to say thank you, Merry Christmas & have a Prosperous 2017.

PS. We do have AB Print Year Planners and Calendars that we will be giving out, but if for some reason they don’t arrive, just give us a shout and we will make sure Santa drops some off.

Glowing Testimonial from Abyss Marketing

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I would like to thank Alan Goodall and his time at the AB print group. You never let me down and in particular I would like to thank Alan in recent weeks for supporting the First group student campaign. Where requirements were ad hock pull up displays required in stupid time.

“I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending The AB group to other marketing agencies.

“Keep up the good work!”

John Garside.

Print……. Is it all that?

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Lupe shot

The world of print has become increasingly difficult over the last few years with companies going out of business with constant regularity. Yorkshire continues to have a larger concentration of commercial printers than anywhere else in the UK & this is possibly because of the previous demise of the textile & mining industries several years before. In short, we’ve had it pretty rough around here & with figures being released by one of the print industry bodies over the last week or so, where it’s expected that another 20% of the existing print companies in country will fail before the end of 2013, it’s going to be a another long year.…

Web design and development added to our list of services

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Web design and development at AB Print Group

Print material and a web presence very often go hand in hand so – after many months looking at how we can best serve the needs of our clients, agency and direct – we’re pleased to announce that we’re now able to offer a full suite of web services.

This ranges from basic production support, such as converting Photoshop files to HTML/CSS templates; through more in-depth requirements including initial specification; to end-to-end support covering everything from planning, design and authoring to e-commerce and mobile-optimised sites.…

Pride of the White Rose

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Yorkshire born, Yorkshire bred.
“We love your sheep” – that’s what they said!

AB Print Group - Stand-out printing from a Yorkshire pure-breed

A sheep character created to promote our Yorkshire roots at a series of business-to-business exhibitions has gone down a storm, capturing the attention – and hearts – of delegates attending the Buy Yorkshire Conference, Media Marketplace event and Yorkshire Business Market.

The three events took place over a six-day period at the end of April and gave us the opportunity to promote our under-one-roof litho/digital/screen/web services to businesses throughout our region.